How to pass the PSM II Assessment? Tips on taking Professional Scrum Master II Certification.

Recently I had an opportunity to challenge myself with Professional Scrum Master 2 (PSM2) Certification from If you would like to compare it to PSM1, it’s much more sophisticated and advanced. The main purpose of exam is to check if the candidate is able to apply Scrum Framework to solve advanced, complex problems in the real world. It’s focused on practical application of Scrum.

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List of Certificiations from

Based on my experience with the preparation process and the exam, I’d like to share few tips and thoughts that could be helpful for anyone keen on taking PSM2 certification.

Basics Info

  • Fee: $250

Good resources and materials to prepare for PSM2

1. (Forums, Blog Posts, Scrum and Nexus Guide)

2. Attend Professional Scrum Master Course and pass PSM1 Certification

3. Run Test Exams for PO, Scaling Agile, and PSM1

4. Read Scrum and Agile Blogs: (by reading Ken’s blog, you can understand better his point of view on some aspects of Scrum — it might be a great help especially with the most tricky questions)

5. Read about LESS, SAF, Nexus and DAD to understand what the most common challenges with Scaling Scrum are (focus on Nexus, as this is framework branded by; questions during PSM2 focus on dealing with different situations that could occur when introducing / implementing Scrum for multiple teams)

6. Attend Scrum and Agile Meetups to leverage from other’s experience and get familiar with good practices

7. Recommended books:

“Software in 30 Days” by Ken Schwaber, Jeff Sutherland (with focus on benefits, and reasons behind Scrum — chapter “Scrum at the Enterprise Level”)

“Scrum: A Pocket Guide” by Gunther Verheyen (focusing on chapters about Scrum Values)

“Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us” by Daniel H. Pink (or video)

8. Have few years experience working as a Scrum Master (not required, but may be very helpful as most questions are based on real-life scenarios)

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The Professional Scrum Master II Certificate

Type of questions (focus areas)

  • Coaching and Facilitation

There is a lot of real-life examples, therefore focusing on Scrum values and Agile principles may be the focal point of your study plan.

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PSM II is being issued by

Tips on answering questions

  • Read questions and answers very carefully, every word matters — you can be tricked easily (look out for words like: “must”, “can’t”, “may”, “might”).

Other areas to focus on:

  • Understand Ken’s quite strict vision on Scrum (read his blog posts to better understand his way of thinking)

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