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Slice Planner — Better way to plan your day

Master your time with the paper planner connected to the digital calendars

Being eager to develop an ideal planning system and too passionate about the technology that could bridge the gap between the physical and digital, we decided to channel our energy towards both wise application of augmented reality and computer vision technologies and contributing to the vivacious world of time-management.

Eventually, our team has built the hybrid planning system to please millions of those who are keen on enjoying the advantages of technological age but still love the feel of a pen on paper.

On The Mission To Bridge The Gap Between Paper Planner And The Digital Calendars

There has always been a dilemma between paper planners and digital calendars. On the one hand, the things indeed feel more important when we write them down. On the other hand, digital calendars by Google, Apple and Outlook provide more flexibility and give the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the technological age. Despite the fact that each of the tools has great advantages, no one really wants to switch back and forth between the two.

Therefore, we challenged ourselves to find a solution. We dared to build the hybrid planning system that would help to improve the time management skills and make a paper planner be connected to the popular digital calendars to make the practice of using both tools much more enjoyable.

Say Hello To Slice Planner

Slice Planner is a brand new hybrid approach to planning your time that combines an old-fashioned paper planner with the digital calendars using fresh technologies of 2016, i.e. computer vision and augmented reality.

The core pillar of the approach is the radial diagram that is reminiscent of the analog clock that was designed to help visual thinkers (65% of people) to master their time and plan their activities in a more intuitive and convenient way. The clock face diagram helps to focus on individual tasks and allows to have a better perception of time by providing the visual display of the day at a glance.

The hybrid approach to planning gives an opportunity to improve efficiency and quality of the work, providing a solution for those who are regularly switching back and forth between the hand-written notebook and the digital calendar schedule.


Premium quality day planner stands out from the crowd with the softest Italian leather, Swedish paper and a true lay flat binding.

It is available in a soft or hard cover and in four different colors to suit one’s personal tastes.

The soft cover is made from specially tanned and finished leather, so the outside feels soft to the touch and develops a natural patina over time. The alternative is a hard book cloth cover.


Dot Grid. 228 undated pages feature a dot grid pattern that is perfect for both text notes and sketches.

Smart Layout. Every other page has a diagram. Thus, the page on the left-hand side is devoted to planning, while the second page is always blank and provides a space for the meeting notes, fleeting thoughts, ideas, and sketches.

Perforated Pages. At the end of the planner, there are 10 dot-grid perforated pages that can be torn out in a neat way.

Refills for Soft Cover. The notebook refill can be replaced to reuse the leather cover.


An easy-to-use Slice Planner app facilitates the connection between the notebook and the digital calendar (Apple, Google, Outlook) making the user experience of synchronizing fast and intuitive.

Being equipped with the set of features powered by fresh technologies, the app complements the popular calendars and adds even more flexibility to the daily planning routine.

The app also provides an opportunity to try out the system before making any commitments. Everyone can start a free 10-day trial to receive a Slice Planner PDF with the instructions and enjoy the full experience of planning with the hybrid planning system.


  • Makes synchronization seamless, fast and easy, so you avoid the need to choose between physical and digital.
  • Identifies and notifies you about the concurrent events in your schedule, so you never get double booked.
  • The radial clockface diagram makes your schedule look intuitive, so you get a visual display of the day, all at one glance.


  • Price — $34 for the planner with the leather soft cover; $24 for the hardcover planner.
  • Available now on Amazon.com and evopaper.com
  • Slice Planner app — is FREE for everyone. The scanning-related features are available only for the Slice Planner notebook owners.
  • Website — evopaper.com

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