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How We Solved The Eternal “Paper Planners Vs Digital Calendars” Dilemma

Max Lukominskyi
Oct 19, 2016 · 6 min read


Needless to say that the long-term planning is nothing more than a well-educated guessing. However, the short term planning is the strong prerequisite of success. Its value cannot be overestimated, because it is all about the efficient usage of the most precious asset, namely time.

In the present reality when the time is as valuable as never before, planning is crucial. Indeed, those who have managed to master the time appeared to adapt quickly to the new challenges of the contemporary world. Meanwhile, those who have never learnt how to manage the time, prove to be left behind.

However, till now the available and the most widespread tools for planning have not provided the opportunity to achieve the outstanding efficiency while avoiding the harmful habits that are fostered by those approaches: procrastination, multitasking, overworking, constant busyness, just to name a few.

On The Mission To Bridge The Gap Between Paper Planner And The Digital Calendars

At some point, we faced a dilemma. We had to choose: the widening gap between our favorite approaches to planning did not allow to use both efficiently enough. The eternal switching back and forth was likely to be neither convenient nor productive. It was a waste of time that is often accompanied with the annoying transferring of schedule from notebook to the digital calendar and other way round.

However, our technical background has always inspired us to look for the ideal solutions to the similar dilemmas via wise application of the modern technologies.

We wanted to improve our own planning experience and quickly discovered that it was a genuine need for millions of people around the world. Soon, we became too passionate about the idea and decided to dedicate our time completely to the new challenge — bridging the gap between paper planners and the digital calendars.

Today, we are happy to share our hybrid planning system with you that eliminates the need to choose but rather lets you use both approaches without loss of efficiency.

Say Hello To Slice Planner

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The core pillar of the approach is the radial diagram that is reminiscent of the analog clock that was designed to help visual thinkers (65% of people) to master their time and plan their activities in a more intuitive and convenient way. The clock face diagram helps to focus on individual tasks and allows to have a better perception of time by providing the visual display of the day at a glance.

The hybrid approach to planning gives an opportunity to improve efficiency and quality of the work, providing a solution for those who are regularly switching back and forth between the hand-written notebook and the digital calendar schedule.

We did our best to build the first ever planning system that synchronizes paper planners with your favorite digital calendars.

There is no need to choose now.

With the help of Slice Planner you can now relish the advancement of technological age, while still enjoying the feel of pen on paper without loss of efficiency.

Slice Planner provides the flexibility that was not there before.

The Advantages Of Using Slice Planner Hybrid Planning System


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Why We Decided To Use It

  1. This approach does not allow for multitasking, procrastination and,more importantly, for overworking if used properly.
  2. Indeed, the diagram lets you schedule the events only within 12 hours a day. Our survey showed that on average people do not schedule for more than 9.5 hours. Therefore, it should be enough to schedule the main and biggest commitments. Moreover, it won`t let you be over-committed during a day.


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It is available in a soft or hard cover and in four different colors to suit one’s personal tastes.

The Features Of The Notebook

Clever Layout. Every other page has a diagram. Thus, the page on the left-hand side is devoted to planning, while the second page is always blank and provides a space for the meeting notes, fleeting thoughts, ideas, and sketches.

Perforated Pages. At the end of the planner, there are 10 dot-grid perforated pages that can be torn out in a neat way.

Refills for Soft Cover. The notebook refill can be replaced to reuse the leather cover.


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Being equipped with the set of features powered by fresh technologies, the app complements the popular calendars and adds even more flexibility to the daily planning routine.

It Is Equipped With The Number Of Killer Features

  1. Augmented Reality Mode. The synchronization from digital calendars to paper is delivered with augmented reality technology. Slice Planner app will augment paper planner diagram with the events from the digital calendar and the highlight concurrent events.
  2. Smart Crop. Often the piece of information you need is surrounded by the unnecessary notes on the sheet. There is no need to save the whole page anymore. Draw a line around the piece you need and let Smart Crop capture the outlined section of the page. The cropped item can be shared, saved or attached to a calendar event.
  3. Advanced Sharing. By crossing out one of the icons on the bottom of the page you make Slice Planner app instantly save the captured page to the cloud, particular calendar event or send it via email (Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive, One Note and more).

Feel free to visit to learn more about the first paper planner connected to digital calendars.

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