How To Invest Wisely


One century in terms of history of mankind is nothing. It is rather long span of time for a man, while absolutely trivial for a humanity as a whole. However, over the last century the mankind has made a genuinely huge leap in its development.

The beginning of the last century and the time we live in seem incomparable. So many discoveries have been made, so many inventions have been introduced to our everyday lives over the last 100 years.

Just 113 years ago the Wright Brothers executed the first ever flight which was just 12-second long. Today we can book the tickets online and already next day be headed to any part of the Earth in a comfortable aircraft.

Slightly more than a century ago Alexander Graham Bell conducted first transcontinental telephone call. Today we have instant access to the global web and can use it in various ways including calls to any country in the world.

Besides absolutely incredible breakthrough in technological progress, the overall values have been reconsidered significantly.

Relatively not long ago there were no real assets to invest in except housing, land and cattle. The wealthiest families could afford to buy pieces of art or to support financially the development of science. Meanwhile today we have absolutely the same set of options accompanied by fantastically enormous bunch of new ones.

Eventually, our attention got split among all those opportunities, which seem so attractive to invest in and stay focused on. Our main challenge is not to get lost in this vast variety of possibilities provided by this beautiful time of our lives and distinguish wisely those that are really worthwhile.

There are a few assets that are definitely worth our money and time. It might be surprising for you, but I am not going to talk about blue-chip stocks and rapidly rising Silicon Valley unicorns.

It is time to invest in experience, knowledge and emotions

These are things that will never fade. These are things that are impossible to expropriate or steal. These are things that will never depreciate. These are things that indeed do make you richer. These are things that literally shape your life and make it easy to enjoy.

Travel as much as you can

Travelling has never been as accessible as it is now. And this is probably the greatest advantage of our time. You are mobile, you are flexible, you are eager to explore the world.

Every single trip is going to provide you with plenty of new experiences, emotions and memories that will last forever and never fade.

Travel prolongs your life

The day when you look back through all the years lived and left behind, you are most likely to recall all those great moments and emotions gained during awesome journeys. They become milestones of your life. The more you have, the longer your life seems to be.

Explore the world. Discover cultures, traditions and customs of other nations. Open the horizons. Travel!

Never give up studying

Studying as well as travelling has never been so cheap, flexible and available. Your studying should not get finished after the prom party at the university or college. It should be still going on unless you want to be left behind.

The contemporary world not only provides the set of new opportunities, it also raises the bar high and forces you to stay up-to-date all the time.

Knowledge is crucial

The vast variety of services and platforms offer courses on almost every field of studying for free or for affordable and reasonable prices. You can master foreign languages, get trained in coding or learn the course on management right via your computer wherein not leaving your cozy house.

Invest your time and money in professional knowledge. Become an expert in chosen sphere. Excel in your field!

Invest in various experiences

This beautiful world grants so great diversity of new, exciting and fascinating experiences that it would be a huge mistake not to try at least some of them.

Go skydiving, learn how to surf, go for extreme fishing, take part in marathon, climb a mountain, fly in a hot-air balloon. The list might go on. It is up to you what to pick.

Compose your own bucket list and include all the most insane and awesome things you would love to experience in your life. Work gradually on its completion. However, do not postpone it too much. The older you get the less willingness and energy you have for new beginnings and initiatives.

This is what can definitely make your life amazing.

It is high time to reconsider your values and shift your focus from fancy cars and huge houses to something much more exciting. Do not make them your priority. Let them stay one of your goals but not the sense of your life.

The traditional measures of success — own apartment and car — are no longer relevant. Emotions, memories, experience, knowledge. This is what matters

Life is beautiful. It is full of things you have a chance to explore, taste, experience and live. Invest your time and money wisely. Chase your dreams. Take every opportunity you have. Act!

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