Game Reviewer Does Her Job by Pointing Out Sexism in GTA 5, Is Pilloried for It
Fruzsina Eördögh

I read more of what you wrote and wow, yeah, some people don’t have a heart. I somewhat understand as why would you get some fired for suggesting more options and diverse characters (They were willing to make a Black Male a main character…which is what most gaming industries are doing now like Watchdogs).

I too wanted a South Asian Female as the next Main character after GTA SA (They had Caucasian, Chinese, Afronite, Russian, Italian, Latino) and from there just go through all the cultures for each game (There are thousands).

But things is I think if people reverse things, there will be others complaining…but its not about what is reversed or hardcoded its about equally showing everything, Fe/Male characters as everything

One concept I came up with for PRS for diversity is that there are 4 Types of People: Military, Enterprise, Civilian & Paratype. What ever your character’s skin color or gender is it changes against the other main/leaders of the other types. Using Fallout 4 as an easy example if your Character is Male then Military is Opposite Gender, Enterprise & Civilian is the Same, Paratype has no Gender and if you choose say Pale (Whatever Hex/Color it is) then the Military is going to 10 options away from yours, Civilian is 5 options away, the Enterprise is 2 options away.

So no player has the same things…that could even possibly done for people like companions so no one has the same characters, but could have the same stories (Cause who is to say different cultures don’t have the same problems) and when addressing each other avoid using Gender specific words.

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