Day 3, Boot Camp Experience

Well day 3 is done and am still surprise by how much there is to learn or unlearn. Even with the things I though I was pretty familiar with.

Today has however been totally different. And I will tell you how, if prior to today someone asked me what an API was? I would have given then a detailed impressive explanation with up to thirty examples if they asked me to. And theoretically, I would seem like I actually have an API of my own.

However, practically, I have been green and till today i had never had to deal with an API. It’s been the first time in the boot camp that I have had to tackle an assignment with zero prior attempts. I have had to learn everything on the fly and be able to come up with an impressive simple application. Its perhaps my most impressive creation so far am so looking forward to doing more

As of now, if there is one thing I have realized, its got to be that maybe there is no limit to what I can actually do or learn

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