A story about icons, Sketchs and why you need to save & test your work.

Hi there, today, we will talk about the new services & brands icons used in Panda, we like to call them “The Pandicons”.

But first, let me introduce you to Panda :

Panda is newsfeed dashboard for designers, developers
and entrepreneurs. Panda aggregates content from sources
like Hacker News, Product Hunt and Dribbble, making
it easier for you to stay informed and inspired.

A week ago, an online-friend of mine & Panda co-founder @AhmetSulek , sent me a message over Facebook messenger, asking if I could do a small freelance work for them. …

introduction to Gulp.js, and how to start using it.

I recently had some requests from people asking if I could share my workflow with Gulp, and I finally decided to do so.

You will find a link to a github repository containing a demo of all the topics pictured in the article.

Note that the code examples, if copy pasted, will not display the comas (‘) correctly, you’ll have to replace them by hand.

What is gulp ?

Gulp is what internet call a “Javascript Tasks Runner”, so it’s not so difficult to guess what it does.. …

This post was written 2 years ago, it’s a repost from http://www.republicof3.com/tutorial-how-to-create-a-metro-style-accordion/

Hello readers!
Today I’ve got a treat for you. We will be learning how to code a Metro Style Accordion menu in just a few steps. This menu uses jQuery and jQueryUI, it can be done in a few other ways but I will show you the way I do it, it’s just something I feel comfortable with. You can download the files (HTML / CSS / PSD) for this tutorial at the end of the article.

Image for post
Image for post


The Markup

Let’s start by looking at the HTML for this menu. …


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