Kurecoin — The Ethereum of Africa

It’s only been less than 10 years since the 1st generation of Blockchain — Bitcoin came out to the world. However, the widespread adoption of the Blockchain and the fanatic trading of crytocurrencies have truly surpassed everything we have ever experienced in the recent human history. The revolution which Blockchain technology will bring to us would rock the current social-economic status-quo in almost all of the countries in the world. Today, I’m going to introduce you a very promising a Blockchain startup from Africa and their token — Kurecoin.

From the company:

Kurecoin is a new decentralized cryptocurrency built with a proof of stake algorithm for investors and the entire cryptocurrency community in the KureCoinHUB ecosystem. Kurecoin is aimed at solving banking, trading and exchange challenges faced with the ever growing cryptocurrency users globally.”

At the centre of Kurecoin’s offering is the KureCoinHuB platform, which will enable the use to trade cryptocurrencies and bank their crypto-assets to get dividends on each of the cryptocurrencies they have banked. The most exciting things about this platform is users are able to get collateral free loan in fiat up to 50% of their asset value should their need for fiat arises.

Apart from the core KurecoinHub platform, there’re other vital components to Kurecoin such as Kure Exchange which promises to give little or no experience users seamless experience and also KurePay which is payment solution built on Blockchain include three key aspects — an E-wallet, payment gateway and a debit/credit card. More details can be found on their whitepaper: https://kurecoinhub.io/Kurewhitepaper.pdf

Kurecoin also has a all-star team. The Co-founder Abikure Tega is a savvy and successful investment professional and is the first African to be a member of the INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF HEDGE FUND PROFESSIONALS (IAHP). He is also currently the chairman of W.T. Kure Group of Companies and a Faculty member of the Million Dollar Business Club.

Kurecoin has completed their pre-sale successfully and on track to their ICO which starts in 20 May 2018. Their Telegram channel already have 20K+ users, you can use the following to join the vibrant community to get started: