“ I have always care with my deepen heart, it’s my way , my strength”

Life is full of drama, isn’t ? Just a little bit generation who could be their self, realizing everything by their heart, not cause the peoples are saying or using.

World it’s not easy place and not hard place to be lived in. It just depend on your choice, ‘what will you be?’. I ever seen a person who i couldn’t understood what’s really her wishes, hopes, and goals. I’m not judging right now, but i also wondering why since that time and whenever i thought that time, what she had did so annoying me. Then i realizing one thing that i couldn’t stay cool whenever i seen something that insuit, anything that not should be.

When i saw something that unlogical on my head, honestly i can’t stay quiet. It’s annoying me to saw it, also to ignore it.

But when i trying to understand what is everything on it has mean, i finally understand. Think twice, are you just wanted to be Hero or are you really annoyed, then you decide to throw your help.

Love them, respect them, love each other, laugh whenever without disguise.

at last.

Whatever their choice, it’s them.

Whatever their style, it’s them.

Whatever of whatever of their , it’s them.

Then, “ we may easy to judge and judge, but see who had trapped? “

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