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Lulu Lab is currently developing an educational game to teach Sierra Leone and Uganda’s youth about Sexual Rights and Reproductive Health. With this interactive game, Lulu Lab works to help reduce these countries high level of teenage pregnancy as today, 1 in 4 girls in Africa give birth before turning 18.

Games are one of the most brilliant teaching tools for children. Games improve memory skills, level of attention and increase motivation, and games are fun! …

By Elisa Laderchi

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Source: UN website

You’ve probably already heard people talking about the “mysterious” Sustainable Development Goals! They have become quite popular in the last few years… Everybody is talking about sustainability!

But what are they exactly…? The SDGs, set by the United Nations in 2015, is the first step to achieve a better future for everybody. The UN has made a list of the most urgent problems to solve and… voilà… they came up with 17 goals to reach by 2030!

Every company and organization works with one or more goals, and that is what Lulu Lab is doing with our projects in Sierra Leone, Kenya, Uganda and Denmark. …

by Anne-Louise Soederberg

What is it like working side by side with a very close friend…? And what is it like for two Danish women to found a company?

I sat down with Matilde and Sally, the owners of Lulu Lab, to find out…

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Matilde and Sally are childhood friends. They attended the same primary school and lived just one block apart. They became very close. So close that they decided to share a flat in Aarhus whilst they were studying.

A few years later, Sally moved to Copenhagen because of her studies. Matilde followed shortly thereafter and they found a new flat to share. …

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