When Change Needs to Look Like Growth

Every phase of life comes with setbacks, but what happens when you have a 22 year career, that suddenly MUST be reframed into a less physically arduous pace?

In my case, I’m a veteran of the cosmetology industry. I own a salon, but I rather prefer “esthetic entrepreneur” because Suite Tart is so much more than just a salon. My career-past includes titles like: design team member, national educator, guest artist, booth renter, manager, retail specialist, master colorist, hair historian, and stylist to name a few. But then there is also: emcee, gardener, jewelry designer, social media maven, photographer, event planner, rabble rouser, kitchen wizard, and mentor. My formative years included: programmer, musician, writer, homesteader, butcher, nanny, and farm-hand.

So here I am, taking a couple of good knocks with style! Age and a genetic quirk or two don’t want me standing long hours so its time to restructure the silhouette of a fabulous life. There will be blogs on the internet, kale in my garden, curlers in my hair, and major re-decorating. I hope you enjoy the new mess I’m creating.


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