Steamed honey cashew nutmilk matcha latte!

Wake & Make!

2 years ago I decided to wake up and start each day by creating vs consuming, this activated the creative process right away and set a completely different course for my day, compounding into more foundational life changes.

I started with something simple, making my own coffee, instead of rolling out of bed to the closest specialty coffee shop which are plentiful and yummy in NYC. I experimented with all different kinds of coffees and brewing methods — my favorite, I have to say, is making Vietnamnese iced coffee, which also took the most patience.

That led me into my lemonade journey, where I began experimenting with mixing all kinds of drinks. It gives me a lot of joy to make things by hand, and engage in the creative process of changing physical forms and mixing colors, textures, flavors — and then documenting my mini experiments and sharing the results along the way. With lemonade, I use a wooden reamer to juice every lemon and finely chop strawberries to then muddle with the end of the reamer. I use gold glitter for my bottle-tags and an embossing gun to turn glitter into solid gold letters spelling out: “m-a-d-e with l-o-v-e”, and the recipient’s name. On the back, I write “thank you.” I feel grateful for everyone who has supported the #luluzlemonade kickstarter project and enabled me to make more, and share more.

Activating creativity will change everything. You learn so much in your own creative process, and you become less dependent on external sources to feed you. I appreciate a latte or lemonade made for me so much more now, and I have a different relationship with consumption. It’s more of an engaged process of curiosity, understanding, and appreciation for how this product arrived into your world, your hands.

I can’t tell you (but my friends probably can) for how many years I had a hard time waking up and didn’t enjoy the morning time, and actually how easily this was fixed with these two steps: 1 — wake and make, 2 — exercise.

Every choice we make triggers a series of effects to follow, which then form patterns in our behavior. I think it’s important to set off the right triggers right when you wake up, and in all the smallest actions you will become aware of a quiet joy inside yourself, and what awakens that feeling.

I still have days where I decide to fully relax, sleep in and buy coffee— but I do my best to “wake and make” first thing in the morning, and I know for sure those days I awaken a more active life experience.

#luluzlemonade handmade for a new friend I met in the neighborhood!
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