In our life, we might get some Injury from other’s purpose or intention. How can we deal with it? Will you choose to forgive? For me, I will choose to forgive him or her. And there is one of my personal experiences to explain it. When I studied in the middle school, I had a careless deskmate. Once I brought my new pencil box with me, and I put it on the desk. Then I went to the bathroom before the class began, but when I came back the classroom I saw my pencil box was dropped on the floor. All my stationery was scattered, and my deskmate looked at me with embarrassment and he told me that he broke my pencil box accidentally. Though I felt very angry because it was my new pencil box, but I calmed my mood soon. Then I told him that I forgave her, so he was very grateful to me. So that we became a good friend after this event.

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