Should schools make extracurricular activities mandatory or optional?

Now there are many schools make extracurricular activities mandatory, so some students think it is unfair. The meaning of making extracurricular activities mandatory is you must take part in some activities like basketball, soccer, football and so on. And the meaning of making extracurricular activities is you can choose to do something you want to do. Thus I also support to make extracurricular activities optional.

First of all, students should have freedom so that they can have a chance to choose mandatory or optional, for America is full of freedom. School should respect student’s desire because everyone is equal, and they have their own minds so that they can decide what they should do.

Second, I want to talk about the positive of making extracurricular activities optional. If the activities are optional, you can have more choices like study, do your homework, talk with your teacher, listen to music and so on. For example, if I have much homework today, I can use my activities time to do it so that I have a great grade.

And there are also some negative things will happen if the schools make extracurricular activities optional. Some students may use their free time to play video games, watch some videos, and a few activities are bad for their health. For a real example, I have a friend who name is William. He often uses his free time to play video games, and he doesn’t like sport so that his health is not good.

There are many positive and negative things about making extracurricular activities optional, but it depends on ourselves really. If we can control ourselves to do something good for us, making extracurricular activities optional is better. But if we can’t control ourselves, the schools should make extracurricular activities mandatory. Whatever, I support to make extracurricular activities optional because I like studying.

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