Clean slate

So yes, after what felt like 4 years I decided to give it a try again. Blogging! :) I don’t know what happened, I have too many emotions that I can’t even elaborate and understand. I deactivated my blogger account, and ignored my tumblr account. Pero, eto na. Sige, susubukan ulit natin mailabas ang mga emotions. At huhugot. ( Sorry, taglish talaga to. haha)

Three weeks ago, a close friend of mine suggested na gumawa ako ng blog. Then she helped me sa title, I promised her I would make one. Sa tamang panahon. Feeling ko eto na yung tamang panahon. I also decided to make a new twitter account, for some reasons. Masyado na ba akong introvert? Lol.

Blank Slate/Tabula rasa, I don’t live in the past anymore. I am in the present and wishing for a better future. There are things in the past na kahit mahirap, I really tried to remove and let them go. Kasi paano nga ba tayo aabante sa buhay kung pilit nating hahawakan ang mga bagay na paulit ulit lang nakakasakit saatin? I was so attached to alot of things before. Akala ko okay lang maghold on, akala ko magiging masaya ako. But no, the sadness.. it was slowly killing me. Maybe, there comes a point where you really feel like sobra na. Tama na. That you wake up one day, narealize mo nalang start ulit tayo sa umpisa. There’s nothing wrong with starting over again, I believe that as long as you are alive, anything is possible. As long as you are breathing, you can achieve anything. So here I am, trying to apply everything that I have learned from the past. May mga times lang na dysfunctional, pero hindi na katulad ng dati. Yes there are times when I linger from the past, but I don’t stay longer. Ayoko tumambay sa nakaraan. Wala rin namang maidudulot na maganda saakin yun. I decided long ago that if I really want to move on, I have to let things go.

Praying and hoping for the best! :)

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