Things to do near Fulham

Located in South West London, Fulham is a fairly popular area of London. It is close to Chelsea which is well known as being a particularly affluent area but whereas Chelsea is posh, Fulham is much more down to earth and is a more affordable place to stay if you are looking for a cost-effective trip to the city but don’t want to stay too far away from the heart of the city. Fulham itself is also worth exploring and if you happen to booked into one of the hotels nearby then make sure you take some time to visit one of the following Fulham attractions:-

Fulham Palace

When people think of royal attractions in London there are some buildings which usually come top of the list: Buckingham Palace, Kensington Palace and Hampton Court Palace to name but a few. Not many people would consider Fulham Palace to be on that list and although it was never an official royal residence, it certainly played its part in the history of the British monarchy. Home to the Bishops of London for over 12 centuries, this Grade I listed building gained the name ‘palace’ because the Bishops were considered to be ‘princes of the Church’ and they certainly made the most of the title surrounding themselves with affluence. Visitors can take a tour of the palace, discover the history of the site and wander through the extensive gardens which are located near to the banks of the River Thames.

Bishop’s Park

Just a short distance away from Fulham Palace you will find Bishop’s Park, one of Fulham’s most popular open spaces and with good reason. This park is listed as Grade II in the English Heritage’s Register of Parks and Gardens of special historic interest in England and can boast a number of facilities which make it worth exploring. There are four different gardens including a sculpture garden and a Spanish War Memorial garden, two playgrounds, an ornamental lake, two meadows and even a unique urban beach. It’s the perfect place to take a stroll and soak up some picturesque surroundings if you are staying in one of the Hammersmith London hotels.

WWT London Wetland Centre

Just across the River Thames, less than 2 miles from the LUMA hotel central London is the WWT London Wetland Centre. This nature reserve covers more than 100 acres and offers a variety of different landscapes for visitors to explore including rolling pastures, marshes and lagoons. There is a whole host of wildlife to discover alongside a number of other attractions including a Rain Garden, a wildflower meadow and a resident family of otters. The London Wetland Centre also hosts a number of family friendly events and activities throughout the year.

The River Thames

Parts of Fulham sit against the banks of the River Thames which makes a lovely backdrop and the perfect place to take a walk. The River Thames is one of the most famous landmarks in the city and you could choose to either walk along the banks into the heart of London or simply admire the river from Fulham before returning back to your accommodation. The river is particularly alluring either early morning as the sun rises or towards dusk as the sun begins to set.

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