I am from Caribbean if you can’t help me I will understand. I was told I have uterus fibroids and I wouldn’t be able to get pregnant but when I did the last ultrasound on Monday it reveals of intramural fibroid in anterior face measuring 3.3×2.8 cm so I don’t know if it’s hiding the rest or it’s just one. And it also says the right ovary appear increased in size measuring 4×3.7 cm. I am 29 years old going to be 30 in October i very much will love to have a baby/babies I am trying to get pregnant for 2 years and nothing isn’t happen for me. Now I want to believe what the doctor says that I can’t get pregnant. Where i’m from the doctors don’t give patients with fibroids or infertility problems any attention, they just tell you you have fibroids and it will be difficult to get pregnant and that’s it they wouldn’t tell you what you can do or what you can try. CAN you help or guide me what to do because really frustrated.ntent goes here

Yes, I agree having fibroids can make it a little harder to get pregnant. I have had plenty of my clients get pregnant and have beautiful healthy babies with fibroids. Your fibroid size is not that big, so I would not say this is the major reason why you are not getting pregnant. Fibroids are overgrowth of muscle tissue in the womb. I have seen them a lot larger than yours and women get pregnant. If you had a few or several fibroids the ultrasound technician would have seen it.

There are 3 types of fibroids:

  1. Intramural fibroids grow within the muscular uterine wall.
  2. Submucosal fibroids bulge into the uterine cavity.
  3. Subserosal fibroids project to the outside of the uterus.

You have an anterior intramural fibroid so this does not affect the lining of your womb. It will not affect conception or implantation. I do not think your fibroid is the reason why you are not getting pregnant. To get pregnant you have to be more uplifting and positive to pull in a baby. You need to believe you are capable of creating a miracle in your home.

The more joy you feel the lighter your energy will be and this will help pull in a baby. I would suggest you see an energy medicine specialist such as acupuncturists, herbalist, medicine woman/man, homeopath or someone that helps shift energy and may help reduce the fibroids.

If you have not done so you need to be monitoring your ovulation pattern.

To get pregnant fast you need to master 4 areas in your life which are:

  1. Understand the male and female territories like never before.
  2. Be prepared to take fertility fertilizer and understand them so you are capable of growing a healthy baby.
  3. Be familiar with how your day-to-day lifestyle choices can INCREASE your fertility OR stop you from getting pregnant.
  4. Understand the energy dynamics of getting pregnant. Babies coming into this world are very sensitive beings. The more you focus on increasing your cell vibration and energy, the better chance you have of getting pregnant and bringing your baby to term. Getting pregnant with infertility medication does not mean you will have a healthy baby.

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A year after her devastating miscarriage, six months of failed infertility treatments her inner world crumbled to pieces. Hannah’s Doctors told her she was infertile; she had run out of eggs and she was too old to have a baby. The killer was she was advised to stop trying to get pregnant.

Hannah would not give up her dream of having a baby!

Despite her devastating diagnosis of being infertile, she did not give up hope. She did a year of research which finally paid off. She now has two growing boys, conceived naturally. At the birth of her second son, she almost died. She was given a death or stay option at life. This experience ignites Hannah’s mission in the world to be a leader.

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