Working in Saudi Arabia, you know the truth of what happens. If you break the law or ruffle some feathers, then you are in trouble. Her English Locum Doctor friend told her “ Hannah they have already said they are not letting you go after your 90 day probation period. You will not leave Saudi unless you figure out a plan of exit. You need to find out how you are going to get your ticket and passport. He said these Irish hospital administrators are not going to help you or get it for you”.

What does Hannah do, where does she turn? Her English Doctor friend advised her to start documenting everything as to reasons why she wanted to leave. Hannah was planning maybe to bring it to some judge or someone to explain her situation and get her passport. Hannah proceeds to gather the documentation she needed to explain why she was not happy to stay beyond her pre agreed 90 days probation.

Soon after, Hannah became good friends with an American security guard that helped her. He advised her to meet with the military personnel first and arranged for her to meet with him. The military personnel would have been similar to a local judge or a local court to plead her case.

So off she went to meet someone from the military. She had no clue where she was going or who she would be meeting. Dressed in full black from head to toe she arrives at this big hall. Seated on the stage was about one dozen army men, all of the high ranking, showing their authority by been seated higher than Hannah as she stood lower in front of them in the hall.

Hannah thought she would present her case and would be allowed to go home. But to her shock, they just dismissed her. These Saudi men had no time for a woman complaining or a request to get her passport and go. They gave her the hand signal to leave and didn’t want to engage in any conversations with her. They did not feel it was their issue that my employer was holding me against my will in their city.

Her American security friend advised her that this situation was not good, if these military men were not going to help her then she couldn’t do anything about her situation. Hannah reckoned that if she worked for her 90 days probation and on day 91 she didn’t go into work anymore that her employers would get fed up with her and let her go home.

So that’s what she did, on day 91 Hannah did not show up for work. Her bosses called her and she informed them once again that she was not staying past her 90-day probation. She told them that she wanted her passport to go home. They responded in the same manner “tough shit Hannah you are here for a year and we are not giving you your passport to go home.” Hannah was not expecting this at all.

A week goes by, and now Hannah is not working. No money was coming in, and people in the compound stopped talking to her. Here she was, even though she was Irish like many of the employees she was trained in England and had the balls to question authority and question inferior and dangerous health care practices. The Irish mentality was ‘never say Boo to anyone!’ No one talked to her anymore. People were isolating her in the cafeteria, and the matron had her phone tapped. She quickly lost all friendships with other Irish employees as they were no longer allowed to associate with her.

Her English Doctor friend was leaving that week and warned Hannah to be careful. He said that they would not let you home, so you have to find someone on the outside to help you. Hannah had one person that may help her, and that was one of the interpreters on the unit. Her father was the Mayor of the City outside the compound. She made arrangements to exit the compound to meet this city Mayor. Her problem was how was she going to get through the security personnel at the front gates. She could not travel without a passport.

The city Hannah was in was unreal. Hannah was fortunate enough to be given a look at how much ammunition this military city had. She stood in awe at what looked like to her a mile long row of the biggest most expensive new trucks, jeeps, and war equipment. It was like something you would see in a movie. Hannah thought if this country ever went to war they had no hope in hell. They had the best of equipment, but as an employee of the hospital, she knew the health status of the Saudi army recruits.

In Saudi Arabia, it did not matter how old you were, what state of health you were in if you wanted to join the army. You signed up, and it was an honor to serve. The Physicians would laugh. These would get these old guys in, blind in one eye, not a tooth in their mouth, maybe in heart failure, have breathing problems, and the Physicians would have to pass a clean bill of health ready to serve. If Saudi Arabia was ever to go to war, this was it. This is where it would start from; nothing went in or out of this city except through the front gates. Hope you tune into episode 9 of my 9 part series of Life In Saudi Arabia, it is candid, funny and at times horrifying!

Midwife Hannah Bajor, C.N.M., M.S.N — Pregnancy Expert

In Most Cases It Is Possible To Cure Infertility Despite How Long You have

Midwife of 30 years her website is Pregnancy is one of the GREAT human miracles no one will ever fully understand. Hannah walks her talk in everything she does. At the age of 38, she finally got pregnant after a 12-year struggle. She finally joined the elite group of women she cared for called pregnant. At 16 weeks pregnant her world came crashing in. Hannah found out her baby boy growing inside of her had died.

Free Pregnancy, infertility, miscarriage, how to get pregnant, getting pregnant book.

A year after her devastating miscarriage, six months of failed infertility treatments her inner world crumbled to pieces. Hannah’s Doctors told her she was infertile; she had run out of eggs and she was too old to have a baby. The killer was she was advised to stop trying to get pregnant.

Hannah would not give up her dream of having a baby!

Despite her devastating diagnosis of being infertile, she did not give up hope. She did a year of research which finally paid off. She now has two growing boys, conceived naturally. At the birth of her second son, she almost died. She was given a death or stay option at life. This experience ignites Hannah’s mission in the world to be a leader.

Hannah’s Mission in Life…

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Hannah is driven by a life mission to provide a multi-platform line of pregnancy and childbirth related educational products. Her company Lumalove LLC helps couples globally to access new and dynamic prenatal education. Hannah shows parent-to-be how to lay the foundational blueprints for a happier, healthier pregnancy outcomes.

Do you have a copy of Hannah’s FREE eBook Birth, A Conscious Choice? If not have it delivered to your inbox, chapter by chapter. It is fascinating to read to deepen your understanding about getting pregnant, pregnancy, birth, and miscarriage. To access click on DEEPER UNDERSTANDING INTO PREGNANCY BOOK

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