The Best Drone Shows

Lumasky Drone Show
4 min readMay 13, 2024


The world of technology and entertainment is facing remarkable changes and there is one good reason for that — drone shows. Major international shows and private gatherings both now can utilize achievements of the industry while getting the attention of the audience and leaving them overwhelmed. They are like modern-day fireworks, but even more magnetizing and futuristic.

You have probably heard a lot about drone light shows in the past few years or have seen the related mindblowing content on platforms like YouTube, and you may be curious about the ones that stand out as the best. LUMASKY Company offers a lot in this case. This article showcases some of the best drone shows ever created.

What constitutes a good drone show?

A good drone show should include several key elements to create an immersive experience for the audience.

Choreography: Drones perform synchronized movements like a dance, creating visually appealing figures and movements in the air.

Music: The right music sets the mood and helps synchronize the drones’ movements with the rhythm.

Visual effects: LED lights or other lighting effects add stunning light shows in the sky, creating colorful patterns and shapes.

Narrative: Clients’ own stories or themes can be conveyed through the depiction of characters or scenes, creating a story or atmosphere.

Advanced technology: The use of the most advanced software and a team of skilled pilots provides precise control of multiple drones simultaneously, allowing the flying devices to create complex maneuvers and builds.

Safety: Safety comes first, so proper planning, any risk assessments and flight safety protocols must be followed to protect viewers and operators.

The Best Drone Shows

A revolutionary drone swarm business has started to fly around the world, creating hypnotic light shows as part of their latest marketing campaigns, moving crowds with their captivating displays. Let us look at the best drone displays a little bit closer:

5th place — Khareef Dhofar festival show

During the monsoon season, Oman hosts the Khareef Dhofar Festival, which is considered to be an important global event. The city undergoes a transformation into a lush green oasis, and individuals from all over the globe come to experience Omani music, dancing, art, and food.

Lumasky company took the festival to the next level by putting on a mind-blowing drone show using over 500 drones! It was a spectacular event that kept people coming back for months with its daily shows. The use of pyrodrones and other cutting-edge tech just made it all the more amazing.

4th place — Formula 1 Azerbaijan Grand Prix event

A Formula 1 Grand Prix was performed in Azerbaijan’s Baku City in late April 2023. The race was not the only thing that made this event memorable, as there were also multiple fun activities. These included splendid live music concerts by DJ Don Diablo and DJ Hardwell, as well as a top notch light show of 1,000 drones that the country had never seen before, performed by Lumasky.

3rd place — Saudi Tour Bicycle Race show

Annual cycling event The Saudi Tour Bicycle Race is held in Saudi Arabia. Cyclists from all over the globe come together to showcase their skills on challenging paths and different types of terrain in the dry and beautiful locations of Saudi Arabia. By combining 3D mapping and drone displays, the spectacle showed how unique visuals can be created during shows. These two elements were combined to create a performance that was visually stunning. The swarm even seamlessly switched between flat and three-dimensional designs. Saudi music added to the performance made the set truly exceptional.

2nd place — Kuwait National Day show

Kuwait National Day is celebrated annually on February 25th. A number of cultural events always take place on the day. These include fireworks displays and parades featuring Kuwaiti music and dance. It will be a time for Kuwaitis to be proud of their country and a time for reflection on the hard work and courage that has brought them to where they are today. This show utilized 1,500 drones to light up the skies with marvelous dancing ‘stars’. During this event, the biggest drone show ever performed in Kuwait took place. The city was packed with a huge crowd of people that day. The smooth and perfectly calculated formations made it nearly impossible to make out drones from each other, demonstrating the pilots’ skill and precision. The performance was undoubtedly unforgettable.

1st place — Noor Riyadh Light Festival show

The Noor Riyadh Light Festival magically transforms Riyadh annually. Marc Brickman and Lumasky collaborated this year to create an incredible drone show that pushed the boundaries of what is called a drone light display. The show smashed several Guinness World Records with its amazing choreography and incredible visuals, which are all thanks to the perfect coordination of 3,000 drones.

The show’s unique feature is that it focused on fun and creativity rather than specific images or figures. A variety of lighting setups and 3D projections were created by artists worldwide for the audience to watch and enjoy.

Drone shows are an innovative form of entertainment that offer a unique experience to the public. These performances demonstrate the interplay between art and technology. As drone technology and creative ingenuity become more advanced, the possibilities for future drone shows are endless.

When choosing a drone light show company for your event, pay your attention to the companies that offer unique entertainment services and learn from their previous shows to record improvements.