Andreas Gursky — 99 Cent


One of our internal projects at is , a discovery tool and search engine of Shopify products.

Business aspects aside, my motivation for GRID is to build a fast, responsive and overall excellent product in Clojure without cutting corners in user or developer experience. It also serves as a real-world battle ground for my data-driven UI-Resolution library.

Toddlers are both illiterate and highly scientific. Completely immune to spoken facts, they run trial & error experiments, deriving facts from experience. Fast forward 10 years, a high-schooler sits in front of a book trying desperately to upload its content into her brain. What went wrong?

When we zoom out and look at the landscape of information we notice one thing all media since the first cave-painting share: they are results. Okay, what’s so weird about that? Well think about it. As we make things, where do we spend most of our time?

Unarguably in process. Process is where decisions…

Lumber Dev

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