Announcement: Everipedia’s Lead Blockchain Engineer Joins Lumeos Advisory Board

SAN FRANCISCO, July 2, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Lumeos is excited to announce that Kedar Iyer, Director of Software at Everipedia — one of the first EOS DApps — will be joining our team as a technical blockchain advisor.

Pictured: Dmitry Chirun (advisor at Lumeos), Sam Kazemian (president at Everipedia) and Kedar Iyer (Lead Blockchain Engineer at Everipedia and advisor at Lumeos)

Kedar, a serial entrepreneur and Solidity expert, specializes in architecting and building smart contracts for decentralized applications. At Everipedia he is heading a team of engineers developing the world’s largest encyclopedia on EOS. In his limited free time, Kedar enjoys consulting for blockchain companies such as Triwer and LibertyBlock. He also likes to write, and has parlayed his blockchain expertise into literary success with two books: Blockchain: A Practical Guide to Developing Business, Law and Technology Solutions and Building Games with Ethereum Smart Contracts: Intermediate Projects for Solidity Developers.

Kedar, who is happy to bring his talents to all EOS-based projects, recognizes Lumeos in particular for its market potential. “Lumeos is a fantastic example of social media done well on the blockchain,” he said. “This is what EOS has been waiting for.”

With only a few weeks before the launch of Lumeos’ beta app, Kedar will play a fundamental role at Lumeos by architecting the Airdrop and in-app token economics. He will join a robust team of advisors including Aaron Wu (Co-founder of Blockchain incubator “Starfish”), Dmitry Chirun (ex-VP Technology of Wargaming), and Min Kim (founder of Blocultural Studios).

We’re excited to have Kedar on board and look forward to the great work he has proven himself capable of doing.


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