Introducing Lumeos

Jun 7, 2018 · 2 min read

Building the Future Data Infrastructure of Social Networks

Revolutionizing Social Media Data Management and Data Sharing

We’ve set out to build a new model, one where everyone is rewarded for their participation and where data privacy is controlled and managed by the user.

Lumeos is a decentralized social survey application that was built to empower users to take back ownership of their data. Our team built the Lumeos “data wallet” to speed the Internet’s transition to Web 3.0, creating a decentralized platform where users can securely manage and control their data beyond the jurisdiction of any single entity or government.

Our focus is on building a community with a shared value towards decentralization and also one where users have the opportunity to make passive income from the (very valuable) data that they have already generated throughout their lifetime. In the initial “phase 1”, we have launched the Lumeos social polling app, built on top of our “data wallet” infrastructure for market research and community building.

Although we are only at the beginning of our journey to become the underlying data sharing infrastructure of the internet, we envision a day where even something as personal and private as your medical records can be stored securely on the decentralized web and easily controlled with a simple mobile phone application interface.

The Social Media and Data Access Model is Broken

We believe that the current economic model for social networks is broken. Users are the ones generating valuable data but it’s online oligopolies like Google, Facebook, and Twitter that are minting billionaires. Our goal is to reinvent the social media business model to realign the interests amongst stakeholders to drive more value back to you — the user. That is why we built Lumeos.

In the initial stage of Lumeos, users are rewarded with LUME tokens by taking questionnaires, surveys, and polls and also have the opportunity to join their favorite communities to engage with other like-minded people.

Today, centralized social media operators and data aggregators compile, cluster and sell your valuable data to the highest bidder, often at the expense of user rights and privacy. Users, for the most part, never know who their data is sold to, how much was paid for the data, and how many other anonymous 3rd parties are accessing their data.

Our hopes are that this new model will make the current system obsolete, forging the way for a fundamental paradigm shift. Join us on our journey to web 3.0.

To follow our journey in real-time, join our Telegram group at

In order to qualify for the LUME Airdrop and start earning LUME tokens now, download our mobile app on Android, iPhone.

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