The Lumeos Token Economy

At Lumeos we are committed to promoting the most equitable token economy on the blockchain. That means that you get your fair share as rapidly and securely as possible. However, though they are uniformly guaranteed to the best of our abilities, each of the many diverse transactions we offer is unique in its parameters. It can get overwhelming, especially if you’re new to the platform. That’s why, throughout the following blog post, we will break down how we structure our token economy so that you, our potential user, will be able to transition to Lumeos smoothly — no matter how many tokens you buy or how much time you plan to commit.

Let’s start small. Simply by signing up for our platform, we’ll give our first 10,000 users 500 of Lumeos’s native token, LUME, for free — a token of our appreciation, if you will. In addition, all users will get LUME through the following pay structure during the signup process:

  • +100 LUME when verifying email
  • +100 LUME when adding and verifying phone number
  • +50 LUME when verifying employer
  • +50 LUME when verifying college
  • +100 LUME when adding date of birth
  • +100 LUME when adding location (city, state, country)

So you’ve got a little money in your pocket. What next? The newest, greenest user who opens a Lumeos account will be able to earn LUME on a first come, first serve basis by answering polls in their areas of interest. The first 10% of poll participants will receive 15% of the LUME that viewers pay to access those results, divided equally among all participants. The next 25% of participants will receive another 15% of result-driven LUME and the remaining 65% of participants will receive another 15% (both divided equally). By providing however much personal data you feel comfortable with, you will be able to complete up to 25 polls per day. If you want to earn more LUME you can stake 5000 of our tokens and receive permanent, unlimited access to poll answering.

As you might have already guessed, an important aspect of our ecosystem is the data market that polls will create. You can purchase limited poll results — specifically age, gender, location, college, and employer — that participants provide willingly following the price structure below:

  • 10 LUME for polls with <49 participants
  • 50 LUME for polls with 50–99 participants
  • 100 LUME for polls with 100–249 participants
  • 250 LUME for polls with 250–999 participants
  • 1000 LUME for polls with 1000+ participants

If you really like Lumeos and want to enjoy a much larger supply of LUME, you should think about taking things to the next level by becoming a poll creator. Creators are allowed to make two free polls per day, or stake 5000 LUME and get unlimited poll creation access. The more people are interested in your polls, the more valuable they will become; creators receive a 45% cut of all LUME paid by result-viewers for data. Through LUME payments you can also promote your polls and see specific data from your user base.

Though each Lumeos user plays a different role in our token economy, some elements of our business model are applicable across the board. In July, we plan to airdrop 50 million LUME (or 5% of our supply) to people with EOS accounts in order to spread awareness about our platform across the world. Once users have had the chance to see and test our token, we’ll go from a fixed token supply model to an inflationary model for the future.

We’re excited to debut our token economy and hope that you now have the tools to be an active and engaged member of our community. Happy polling and don’t forget to sign up for our exclusive Beta launch, here.


These numbers are currently pending legal approval and are subject to change

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