How to select most suitable hair extensions suppliers ?

What do you think is most important factors when you select Hair extensions suppliers from China? Maybe price is imressed into your brain immediately. Really price? I have to say “NO” based on my more than 10 years’ experience in Cheap Clip in Hair Extensions exporting,there are many other factors to affect your business grown-up smoothly,apart from price.

Most important of all is quality.Inferior Cheap hair extensions may help you to win temporary profit. It is difficult to repeated customers consistently.You only can win long-term business success by supplying good All virgin hair hair extensions complying with customers needs.

Now let’s consider it from ultimate customers perspective:Supposed you buy bad quality Wavy hair extensions or low quality Curly Clip in hair extensions,which are tangling..shedding..very thin hair tip,you will fall into a bad mood,then you might leak Your mood on facebook,twitter etc.Thus it means potential clients go to other Hair extensions suppliers .

Is it good to expand your business further ?No. Of course,the customers cann’t rebuy from you. On the other hand,if you don’t go up the profit by supplying inferior quality to customers,customers can repurchase all the time.Although price is a little higher and little profit is lasting continuously, you are set to win in the long run.

What’s more.Delivery time is also important when you deal in One piece hair extensions business.Customers may need it in definite time.If you delay day by day,clients don’t trust you any more,let alone buy again.Trust is your invisible assets!

At last.Service also decide whether your Flip hair business succeed. Good staff and good service can help you to boom your business;Bad staff and bad service might damage your all.A careful and responsible person can avoid potential mistakes for you during production.

All in all,in my opinion,You should consider quality;delivery time;price and service etc rather than only price when you decide Hair extensions suppliers .Want to increase your Hairextensionsale with Fusion hair extensions cost ? Come to Lum Hair,all are advantages at our factory :worthwhile quality;Exact delivery;Most reasonable price and Good service,which decides your business booming to some extent.