Stores that sell wigs from China wig maker

stores that sell wigs

As a professional wig maker in China,we are also online stores that sell wigs.We supply all kinds of wigs,inclusive of full lace wigs for sale,lace front wigs,jewish women wigs,silk top wigs,mono wigs,Glueless wigs.Of which lace wigs is very natural looking,true looking, invisible to the naked eye. Wearing Lace Wigs, that nobody will know you are wearing a Lace Wig;Of which Jewish wigs is of silk top 4*4inch in general,it looks like grown from your own scalp.

As a well-established wig supplier,We provide Premium Wigs for high-end customers and provides discount lace wigs for ordinary customers. Why buy from us? There are 10 Reasons.

1) Quality, Quality, Quality. All are good reliable quality from our factory whether you want premium celebrity wigs or discount lace wigs.

2) Hair Quality. We make wigs using the same hair material quality to as found in their patented hair extension lines.

3) Cap design.Lace wigs have special light, natural, invisible cap designs.Jewish women wigs cap like your own scalp seen from the top.

4) Hair Density. Other places are thin density on hair. Our wigs are of full density range from 80% to 180% suitable for your multiple requirements.Each density is equal to standard weight.

5) The hair parts on their lace wigs are Natural whether left part,right part or free part,baby hair or not. All units are hand made.

6) Wig color:More than 20 kinds of versatile colors to meet your customized request.

7) Style is also multiple:Silky straight,Kinky straight,Natural straight,light Yaki,heavy Yaki,Regular Yaki,Body wave,Deep wave,water wave,loose curl,tight curl,Jerry curl etc

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