Luminous Raises $9 Million in Seed Funding From Bill Gates, Gigafund, Neo and others

We are Luminous Computing. We have a blueprint to fit the computing power of the world’s largest supercomputer on a single chip. We’re specializing it for AI workloads, and we use photonics to solve all of the major bottlenecks traditional processors have to overcome. Our work is based on a decade of Princeton research, and we already have working silicon.

We are excited to share that we have raised our seed round of $9 million. Our major backers are Gigafund¹ (Luke Nosek and Stephen Oskoui), Neo² (Ali Partovi), and Bill Gates, with additional backing from 10100 (Travis Kalanick), BoxGroup, Dara Khosrowshahi, and Emil Michael, as well as our pre-seed investors (Class 5 Global, Joshua Browder, Ozmen Ventures, Schox Investments, and Third Kind Venture Capital).

The road ahead is not easy. We’re aiming to ship a single chip that will replace 3000 TPU boards. Our competitors are the biggest semiconductor giants. Venture funding for semiconductors only recently came out of a dark age. The industry is struggling to deliver even a 10x AI chip because building semiconductors is hard. In the face of the same endless challenges, why are we insistent on shipping a product that, by every conventional account, shouldn’t even be possible until 2030?

For everyone at Luminous, the answer is simple: the future needs it.

Silicon Valley promised us an AI-driven Star Trek reality years ago. We’re still waiting for that reality to arrive. Self-driving cars, drones, and robots should be ubiquitous. Training AI systems should take minutes instead of days. AI should be deployed to every product we interact with on a daily basis.

This future has yet to be realized, and the barrier to that future is dense, energy-efficient compute — exactly what we’re building.

This is why we wake up every morning and come into work. We want to enable the dreams that the popular science magazines promised us would be here ten years ago. We believe that miracles are still possible in Silicon Valley, and our mission is to build them.

Email to learn more and make history with us.

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1. Gigafund is a venture capital firm backing the world’s most ambitious and transformative entrepreneurs. They make long-term concentrated investments in founders capable of growing with their companies and maximizing impact over a period of decades. Gigafund’s largest investment to date has been SpaceX. More information can be found at or by contacting

2. A hybrid of a VC fund and a mentorship community, Neo brings together a diverse array of tech veterans, founders, and CTOs to cultivate and invest in the leaders of tomorrow. See: An Early Facebook Investor Is Creating A Scouting Network (Forbes).

Build Miracles. Twitter: @LuminousAI

Build Miracles. Twitter: @LuminousAI