Brain Jack Part I: A Fascist Online Recruitment Cult

A Nazi Rally at Madison Square Garden

Thought reformation and psychological subversion have been studied at length, most notably by Robert J Lifton an American psychiatrist known for his work with prisoners of war (POWS) in Korea and China and more recently by Margaret Singer. In Lifton’s book Thought Reform and the Psychology of Totalism: A Study of “Brainwashing” in China (Chapter 22) outlines a variety of methods used by totalitarian governments and cults to influence and control their subjects. These methods are given even more clarity by Margaret Singer in her book Cults in Our Midst.

Over the last year, two groups have gained traction by growing digital communities in web forums like Reddit, Twitter and others. These groups are “The_Donald” and the “Alt Right”. When observing these communities online, it is difficult to ignore that they display many, if not all, of the characteristics of cult-like behavior often displayed by victims of thought reformation and psychological subversion.

Loading the language

If you visit these online groups, you will quickly note that the people there are using what seems to be an entirely new vocabulary of thought-terminating clichés to discuss their ideology. Some examples of this “newspeak” are Triggered, Fash, Goy, MAGA, redpilling, cuck, kek, pepe, GOD-EMPORER and more. The Alt Right subreddit even has lexicon guides in its sidebar to help new readers understand the programming.

“The language of the totalist environment is characterized by the thought-terminating cliché. The most far-reaching and complex of human problems are compressed into brief, highly reductive, definitive-sounding phrases, easily memorized and easily expressed. These become the start and finish of any ideological analysis.”

Followers of cults and the subjects of totalitarian regimes have severely mitigated or totally lost their ability to think critically about anything because the language they use to communicate and think about ideas have been loaded with vernacular designed to terminate that very thinking.

Something has gone terribly wrong.

Mystical Manipulation and a Sacred Science

What Lifton refers to as “Mystical Manipulation” comes next. Adherents have a child-like trust in whatever they are taught when they are in the totalist or cult environment. The group is considered the only group with the correct way to see the world. When you visit these communities you will note that any critical feedback is almost immediately shot-down, removed or completely banned.

This ultimately leads to the “Sacred Science” in which the group resigns themselves totally to the idea that the group’s ideas, thinking and dogma are unquestionable and absolute.

Doctrine over person

Eventually this is all followed by “Doctrine over person”. The entire group experience is more real and valid than the person and his feelings or experiences. The past is to be considered of no consequence and is to be reinterpreted, or forgotten. If you explore these communities you will note that many of the adherents speak of their “past lives” as liberals, cucks, or some pejorative term diminishing their life experience prior to belonging to the group.

Dispensing of existence

Finally, the individual “Dispense of their own existence”. The group’s totalistic environment emphasizes that the members are part of an elite or special group. Outsiders are considered unworthy or unenlightened. This leads to the thinking that their whole existence centers on being in the group. If you leave, you join nothingness. This is an extension of doctrine over person. Existence comes to depend on creed (I believe, therefore, I am), submission (I obey, therefore, I am) and total merger with the group’s ideology. This is the final step in creating members’ complete and total dependence on the group.

Depending on the group that you visit the views and ideas held by the adherents range from controversial to extremely un-American by any contemporary standard. The Alt Right for instance promotes hard-lined white supremacy that can be attained by what they call “Peaceful Ethnic Cleansing”.

“The Donald” on the other hand seems to revolve around Donald Trump himself (A Cult of Personality) rather than any specific set of ideals, which has been recently demonstrated by Trump’s broken promises and flip flops since being inaugurated. His followers have simply doubled down on their support for his ever-shifting agenda which illustrates a likelihood that Trump’s followers have been severely abused by subversive experts with an Agenda. This is especially alarming since Trump HAS remained committed to two things, his war against the press and the judicial branch.

In the next post we will explore the possibilities of who exactly is behind this subversive effort and what their goals might be.

In the meantime, here is a nice video about mind control:

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