Waiting hinders everything.

It prevents moments from happening, risks from being taken, and progress from occurring.

Thinking before you act is always advised. It makes sense. I’m a big advocate for making sure you know what you’re doing before you do it. While I do that, it can be very easy to simply keep waiting.

Maybe we didn’t consider all metrics when planning. Maybe we think a design or an execution could be better. Maybe we don’t feel ready to see what happens.

As I was reflecting over a cold brew at James Coffee, I thought about the slippery slope of waiting. We wait so that we can meticulously plan, and once that’s over, why do we keep waiting? Is it to wait for the perfect time? Are we waiting for that light bulb moment, that sign from an omniscient being that says “YOU’RE READY”?

Sometimes, we just need to hold our breath, trust in our abilities, take the plunge, and hope that we’re ready for what comes next.