My Experience In Bootcamp So Far

My experience in bootcamp has been so adventurous, its been a moment of joy — time when I get to solve a coding challenge or get to figure a way of going about my project. Some other time its moment of truth and sober reflection — this time I get to tell myself some clear truth on areas I need improvement instead of just trying to get things done by crook without proper understanding of the concept. Most times what keeps me going is hope — when I take a look at the big picture in my head, this gives me reason to take more steps in my quest of becoming a world class developer.

Andela bootcamp has helped me to put to practices what I have learnt in the past. For the first time, I was able to build a website (More-Recipe) which is responsive using bootstrap framework. I have read HTML, CSS and even framework tutorial online but never built a website or worked on a project. Now I know every learning must be accompanied with practice, practice and more practice.

Like I wrote in my previous post, this bootcamp has helped me master the use of version control (git) and Github for collaboration and hosting. Although I suffered a hard lesson, having to loss all my work of several days on one evening while trying to push my work to Github. Thanks to the help of my LFA “Muna”, who showed me how to get around it.

One other thing am taking out from this bootcamp is the feedback I get from my LFA, one of such feedback I got was the need to prioritize my output when given a task or responsibility. This is the need to get the most important stuff done first based on the scale of preference. This is one feedback I will adhere to even in my day to day life when given timeline on a project.

This bootcamp has exposed me to the need to learn new technologies like ES6 that am not so familiar with, learning Node.js, express and other JavaScript framework. It also expose me to the concept of TDD — Test Driven Development, this is the need to write test conditions for your code even before the actual code.

Surprisingly, one impactful aspect of this bootcamp is the need for me to improve on my writing skill. Like I said in my previous post, I believed writing was not my thing but this bootcamp has proven to me that I can actually write and improve as long as I continue to write and learn best global practices.

Conclusively, even if I don’t make it to Andela Fellowship this time, I won’t stop in my quest of becoming a world class developer. I remain grateful for this opportunity Andela has given me as it has expose certain aspect of my coding journey and personal life that needs improvement.

God bless me! God bless Andela!! God bless Nigeria!!!