Teachers Not Paid Enough? An Answer You Won’t Expect.
Jasky Singh

Unfortunately very very true. Pay does not equal a quality education. However the main issue is with respect. It would seem that the general population no longer respects teachers or the system. Many teachers yelling about pay are subscribing to the very notion money is more important than respect.

A good teacher when upon seeing that the lesson to be taught is respect, will set about to do that. For example, in a foreign country several “foreigners” were being paid quite well for their teaching services. Because of the higher cost of the classes, richer students started to attend and parents started to send kids as a kind of daycare.

The students/parents felt money gave them a right to put their loads upon the teacher. The teachers implored to school to help improve the respect, they didn’t ask for more money etc. When the parents school instead tried to throw money at the situation (as in how much more do we need to pay you to deal with disrespect?) the teachers all walked.

After two long months and a school being shutdown, parents learned that money can’t buy respect and students learned the importance of respect, while the teachers earned their respect.

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