blood stained blue jeans

and practicing self love.

i buy white sheets

and sleep naked because

i am not afraid of blood.

threw out my razors

because a smooth pussy

never taught me a thing about


silence is not compliance.

they’ll tell you that they

sound the same

but don’t believe them.

i made backwards baseball caps and

blue sued shoes my anthem.

i embroidered them with


to remind myself that

fem is strong.

that the duality of my


is beautiful and venomous.

mom says theres a lot of hurt ahead of us

but i know thats not true.

because i sleep with the

windows open so

i can feel the moon.

“wh0 do you think about

when you masturbate?”

“myself” and i laugh because its true.

i was a stranger in my body

till i stopped waiting

for some one to write me love letters

and started writing them


because you can manifest your own destiny.

i’ll stop mistaking wolves for saviors

when they have green eyes and a

white grin

because i was never broken

to begin with.

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