Today’s Drink: the Chatterbox

So I dated this guy in my younger day. Not that young, I was at that age where you think you know everything but really know nothing, so 19. 
Anyway. So I dated this guy *Greg. Now he and I initially met each other a few times before we started dating. 
All the same we started dating. Now the more time I spent with him the more I noticed that he talked a lot. 
I’m a loud mouth myself, but I found myself wondering if this was what it felt like being my friend. Like only having me talking while everyone else just sat there nodding and I yapped on and on and on about any silly thing that crossed my mind. 
There were times I planned to tell him stuff coz I thought he might find it funny but the second we were together all he did was talk and talk and talk and talk and talk and talk and talk. 
It reached a point where I would literally say nothing. I would just sit there and listen to him go on and on. 
It started to drain me. It’s one thing to go on and on but *Greg would only ever talk about himself. I shit you not. 
It was just stories about what he did with his friends or what he wants to do later with his friends. Just me me me me me me. 
Even when he would call me or I would call him it was all about him. 
I started getting bored and I got bored fast. I never had anything to say to him due to my lack of a platform to say anything. I knew something was wrong when one day he called me "quiet".
On the surface it doesn’t seem like a big deal but the reality of it was that he didn’t know me at all. He was dating a stranger and for some reason it didn’t bother him. I then realized he didn’t know it. 
You see in his mind he already created the kind of girl I was. I was a quiet girl. I honestly have no idea how else he created me in his head but I had no intentions of sticking around to find out. 
This wasn’t the reasons we broke up but it played a huge factor as to why we broke up. 
To me all his yapping was an indication that he felt he was the only one who had something important to say. It ended up making him come across as very self centred and that was something I really didn’t have time for.

It got worse when he had the nerve to tell me that his friends all thought I had an attitude problem. This person clearly couldn’t defend me coz he had no idea who I was. Communication is key to every relationship and I couldn’t communicate with him. When I tried, he wouldn’t hear me.

We ended for other reasons but failing to communicate was the biggest crack in our false foundation.