I Wrote This For You

Bloody Crown

You lay on the floor telling yourself "i deserve this", coz he has you believing you do. You catch a glimpse of your crown under the sofa but you hardly recognize it anymore.

It’s gathered dust and droppings and now houses a family spiders. It’s lost its sparkle, it’s shine. Something you can relate to.

As you lay there, you see how long its been. Your crown has now become the marker of when you stopped fighting.

Last time he hit you so hard you fell to the ground and your crown fell off . . .that doesn’t mean you lost your status as queen.

See that’s where you doubt your power. You’ve always been royalty my love, you were born in it, you didn’t marry into it and that’s what intimidates him. There’s power in your veins but he wants you to believe it’s nothing but waste.

Baby girl, can’t you see he’s the damaged one? he’s the one that’s useless. Not you. He’s nothing but a walking ball of misery intent on spreading his disease.

It’s hard to hear but he doesn’t love you. " You don’t destroy the people you love" is how the saying goes. Yet here he is, breaking you piece by piece. Perverting you to his masterpiece of nothingness.

He doesn’t accept your strength, he’s never known it in his own life and that frightens him. He wants to snuff out any sign of it so you become something he recognizes.

Don’t fall for it.

Sit up.

I know it’s hard because you believe him. When you hear a lie so often you start to believe it. You’ve been exposed to him for too long.

I’ll tell you a secret. He didn’t snuff you out. I can still see you. The real you. The royal you. He just blinded you from it but it never went away. He can’t allow for you to see it or else he’ll lose his grip on you.

He’ll be alone. That frightens him. He’ll lose the only thing he’s deluded himself into believing he has control over.

That’s not your problem though.

Pick your crown up and place it back on your head. The head he polluted with his lies to hide his weakness.

Yes your crown is bloody, it’s scratched, has blood on it but it hasn’t lost its value. And baby, neither have you.

Stand up.

Walk away.

You owe him nothing but your absence.