Roman’s Collection

Episode Sixteen: The Seer Queen (Part 2)

Sabian opened his eyes and immediately felt a sharp pain pierce his side. He cried out in pain then after a while he felt the pain go away. He took a moment to catch his breath then he looked around him.

He knew he was in a basement by the way the light shone from the windows. He looked around and saw bandages of blood near him on the floor. On the bright side he figured out where he was. The down side was that’s not where he wanted to be.

He wanted to be with her.

“You had me worried for a second there,” Koji said from the wall. His blue eyes were set on him. He didn’t have a scratch on him, considering the explosion they had just been through.

The last thing he remembered was Mikael releasing his wings. All that power they held had sent everyone in the room flying and he felt himself burning.

“What the fuck was that?” Sabian asked.

“Mikael getting active,” he answered.

“How come you’re not hurt?”

“I was,” he said. “Got healed, same as you.”

“Who healed us?” he asked. “I don’t know many people that can heal angel fire.”

“Not many people can,” a female voice said. He turned his head and looked over at her. She was a beautiful woman with long brown waves that fell easily across her face. He had some of the greatest legs he had ever seen and her little white dress showed them off perfectly.

“But you do?” he said letting his eyes linger on her legs. It wasn’t hard to picture them over his shoulders while he . . . got to work.

She nodded.

“Why would you help us?”

“You helped me first,” she said.

He raised an eye brow.

“She hired Jericho to find her sister,” Koji explained. “She’s the Chief Spirit, Queen Althea.”

“Right,” he said looking back at her face. “Willa is your sister.”

She nodded.

“You’re able to heal angel fire,” he said. “How?”

“I’ve been around for a long time,” she said. “I’ve learned a trick or two.”

“Where’s Jericho?” Sabian asked.

“Still resting,” Queen Althea said. “His wounds were severe.”

“He wasn’t in the same room as us when Mikael got active.”

“He was badly wounded before then,” she said. “The flames didn’t help.”

He was about to ask her a question but he felt his phone ring. He looked at the caller ID and sighed when he saw it was him.

“Alaric?” Koji asked him.

“Yeah,” he said looking at the crack going down the screen. It must have happened when he was blasted back. He had been so close to having her back, they were almost together. The hunter ruined everything.

He was going to pay.

“You gonna answer it?”

“No,” he said putting his phone away. “It’s time we put our plan into motion.”

Koji nodded. “Ok,” he said. “I’ll call AJ.”

“Has your girlfriend said anything?”

Koji paused for a second. “No.”

“Is she on the council?”

“Yes,” he said.

“What’s her position?”

“Tilly’s secretary.”

* * *

Tilly followed Zack into the condo and closed the door behind her. The two of them had spent the morning shopping as well as sorting out her hair. He had a picked a cute pixie cut for her and she had to say she really liked it.

Roman had warned her at breakfast that Zack would want to take her shopping to help her unwind after what she had been through. She would rather have stayed in sleeping in the pool but then again she wasn’t sure she wanted to be around Micky. He was different, it wasn’t sitting right with her.

Now they were back from a five-hour shopping spree where Zack had gone out of his way to buy her a new wardrobe to go with her new haircut. She honestly didn’t see the point but she figured it was his way of helping so she let him have his moment. His best friend Anna had come with them, Tilly remembered her from the auction. She had a serious crush on Dex and like always, he was oblivious to it.

Tilly couldn’t help but wonder if he really was that smart or did people just over hype him.

“I’m starving,” Anna said running her hands through her hair. She had walked in before the other two so she had already taken off her coat.

“That makes two of us,” Tilly said removing her coat.

“You know I still don’t know what to wear for this gala,” Anna said leading the way to the kitchen.

“Gala?” Tilly asked.

“Yes,” Zack said. “Something these rich people do every year to show off just how rich they are, you know, the works.”

Tilly chuckled. She then paused when she saw Dex and Micky in the kitchen. It wasn’t so much that she found them there but the fact that they were both shirtless. She had never seen Dex shirtless before and she had to say she really wished he was shirtless a whole lot more often. He had an amazing body.

His body was borderline perfection with just how toned and sculpted he was. It was almost as if God himself took part in his workouts to get him that sculpted and perfect. Tilly had seen Micky shirtless a number of times considering he usually was in the morning as well as when she would spend the night in his room. However, she had never gotten used to it.

“Yummy,” Tilly said looking them up and down. “I mean when I walked in here this wasn’t the meal I had in mind.”

Dex chuckled.

“Look at you,” Tilly said looking him over. “Who knew you had a body. You know it’s really frustrating that the two of you don’t live to your stereotypes. You are nerds, you’re not supposed to look like this.”

“That’s why we have you to live up to yours,” Dex teased.

“Which is?” Zack asked walking over to see what they were doing. It was only then Tilly realized that the two of them were cooking, she really was side tracked by their bodies.

“Black women have fat asses,” Micky said casually.

Tilly blushed and looked away from him. “Micky,” she said covering her face with her hands. “At least buy me dinner first.”

Dex and Zack laughed. Micky didn’t react, before he would have said something back or shook his head or given her a crooked smile this time he just looked at her and looked away and continued cooking.

She watched him for a bit then gave up. There was no point since she couldn’t read him the way she used to. He was someone else now; the Micky she had fallen for was gone.

“Tilly,” Dex said getting her attention. “Are you ok?”

“We need to talk,” she said. “Just not now, I’m hungry.”

“Did something happen?” Anna asked her.

“I was kidnapped, then almost burned alive by an angelic flame that’s how I lost my hair,” Tilly said looking at Anna. “You’re up to speed.”

“Angelic flame?” Anna asked confused.

“Micky’s fully active,” Zack told her.

“Oh,” she said looking him over. Tilly then saw the lust she had for him and just how badly she wanted him. She couldn’t help but roll her eyes.

“Tilly,” Micky said. “Can I talk to you for a sec?”

“Can it wait?” she asked. “I’m really hungry.”

He opened one of the cupboards and took out a bag crisps that were the flavor she loved. “No it can’t.”

She sighed and walked out of the kitchen and he followed behind playing with the bag as he walked. She stopped when they were at the bottom of the stairs but he continued up the stairs and she followed him up. He entered his room and she followed him and closed the door behind her.

She leaned on the door and looked at him.

He tossed over the packet to her and she caught it but didn’t say anything. She just watched him.

“My memory is a bit blurry,” he said. “Not all of it, just some parts of it I don’t really remember.”

“Memories from before you were active?” she asked him.

He nodded.

“I’m not sure I would be able to jog them,” she said. “Seers don’t really specialize in memories of the personal nature.”

He shook his head. “That’s not why I called you here.”

“What specifically don’t you remember?”
 “You,” he answered. “My memories of you are blurred. Only yours, it’s like I don’t remember you yet you’re all I can think about.”

“What do you want from me?”

“You,” he said. “I don’t even know why. You’re the very thing I was bred to hunt. I barely remember you, all I know is a part of me was crazy about you.”

“Is that why you healed me yesterday?” she asked him. “Coz some part of you cared about me?”

He nodded.

She looked away from him. She knew he probably didn’t mean to but what he was saying hurt her. She knew he had changed but this, this was worse than she imagined. He didn’t remember her; he didn’t remember anything about them just how he used to feel. She was the one stuck with the memories and the emotions.

“What are you to me?” he asked pulling her out of her thoughts.

She looked back at him.

“Nothing,” she said.

“Don’t lie to me,” he said.

“I’m not lying,” she said. “We never actually had the talk or anything, we just knew we wanted to be together but we never actually made anything official.”

“So you cared about me?”

She nodded.

“Did anything physical ever happen between us?”

“We kissed. . . a lot.”


She shook her head. “I’m married,” she said and her voice got caught on her throat. She was doing her best to fight back her tears at that point in time. She couldn’t believe just how much he had forgotten her, she actually had to explain their relationship to him.

“Married?” he repeated. “What were you doing with me?”

She bit her lip and looked away from him. Her eyes were watering up. Her vision was getting blurry. “It’s complicated.”

“Did he die?”

“He raped me,” she answered. “Being underage and in his care, he became my husband by default. Besides I’m a supernatural.”

He nodded.

He didn’t say anything after. Before he usually got angry each time the topic was brought up but now it didn’t bother him in the slightest.

“The Seers bowed to me,” he said. “They barely bow to their own queens. From what I remember, they only bow to whoever their queen has chosen as their mate.”

Tilly nodded.

“You picked me as mate?”

“Yes,” she answered honestly. “I care about you. When I was injured, I was vulnerable so my sisters were able to see how I feel about you.”

He nodded.

“Did I make you any promises?” he asked.

She went numb.

“Uh,” she croaked. Her voice cracked again. “No you didn’t.”

He nodded.

“I didn’t trust you?”

“You don’t trust anyone.”

He shrugged.

“Is there anything else?” she asked.

“Why would you want a man like me?” he asked her.

She did a double a take. “What?”

“I can tell you really care about me,” he said. “I broke my oath not killing you when I had the chance. I know how dangerous Seer Queens are, taking you out after you lost your previous queen not so long ago would be the wise thing to do but yet here you are. I should have left you die yesterday but I didn’t.

“Why would you want to be with a man like that?”

“You can’t help who you fall for,” she answered.

He nodded and looked away from her for a second.

“When did you lose your memory?” she asked him. “You remember saving me but you don’t seem to remember me.”

“This morning when I woke up.”

It made sense, they had spoken right after he healed her under water. He was able to manipulate the water around them so they could breathe as well as speak to each other. She could still remember the conversation they had had.

“Do you remember our conversation?” she asked. “The one we had right after you healed me.”

“No,” he shook his head. “I don’t remember you but I can’t stop thinking about you. At least now I know why, I know what I can do about it.”

“Do about it?”

“Yeah,” he said. “I’ll have to take my oaths again. I’m sure it will correct this mistake.”

She went numb.

“Anyway,” he said putting his hands in his pockets. “Thanks for clearing things up for me.”

She didn’t say anything she just left his room and went downstairs to the pool area. She sat by the edge of the pool and looked in. The water was still bloody. Her blood. She touched the water and she got a number of visions but they were all just her own memories.

“Tilly,” Dex said behind her. “Lunch is ready.”

“I’m not hungry,” she said not turning back to face him.

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing,” she said. “I guess I filled up on the crisps.”

“That aren’t open?” he asked. She looked to her side and saw the unopen packet next to her. She had forgotten she even had them. “You Seers sure do have a lot of tricks up your sleeve.”

Normally she would have laughed but in that moment she was numb. She couldn’t react, she didn’t think she wanted to. She moved her hand around the water again and got even more visions of her past.

“We should get this drained,” he said sitting next to her. “I’m pretty sure this is rather unsettling. Sleeping outside isn’t ideal either.”

She didn’t say anything she just continued playing with the water.

Dex sighed and moved closer to her. He put his hand on her shoulder then turned her and held her in his arms. The next thing that happened took Tilly off guard but before she knew it she was crying on him and she was crying hard. She couldn’t control herself it was like her body was spacing out because of the pain her heart was in.

“I’m sorry,” he said rubbing her back. “I am so sorry.”

The two of them stayed like that for she wasn’t sure how long but she was sure it had been a while. They didn’t say anything to each other he just rubbed her back while she cried and she cried hard.

* * *

Pearl raised her head from her magazine to see who it was that had come over. She had heard them when they came in, she knew Zack was one them, she could point out his voice from anywhere. She also knew her Uncle Roman was there since Zack had mentioned his name. She just hoped he wasn’t with them.

They walked into the living room and her heart sank when she saw them. They were all there. Zack and Tilly were holding hands like they normally did whenever they were together. Anna was there also so she guessed they must have gone shopping together. She knew Anna liked Dex and now that they were over she got the feeling she would probably make a move on him or something.

Micky and Dex walked in after the three of them. There was something different about Micky but she couldn’t tell what it was. Then she remembered how her father had said he was now fully active. She also remembered him saying that he and Tilly were involved. She honestly didn’t see that coming.

Tilly was a complete goofball and Micky was more serious and reserved. Then again opposites did attract but they were a stretch. He was a hunter or whatever and she was a witch or something.

“You cut your hair,” Whitney said looking at Tilly as Roman walked in with their dad.

“Yeah,” Tilly said.

“I love it,” she said looking her over. “Now I kinda wanna cut mine.”

Tilly laughed. “Yeah well I can’t wait to grow my hair back so this is temporary.”

Whitney laughed.

“Thank you though.”

“Are we all here?” Uncle Roman asked looking around the room.

“What’s going on?” Pearl asked.

“Just a family meeting,” Zack said taking a seat next to Whitney.

“What?” Tilly, Micky and Dex asked at the same time.

“Hmmm,” Pearl said looking at her magazine. She wasn’t surprised that out of all them they would be the ones to react to that. They really didn’t have much of a family, either of them.

“Well I’m sure you know about the gala,” her mom said. “Sit down,” she told them.

The three of them looked at each other uncomfortably but sat all the same. Dex sat next to Anna much to her delight. Tilly sat with Whitney and Micky sat next to Pearl.

“So,” her mom went on. “I’m helping organize the event so I expect you all to be there and its formal so no jeans or football jerseys. I also need to know if you’re bringing a plus one or not.”

Pearl noticed Micky look at Tilly, she on the other hand was looking at the cookies on the center of the table.

“No plus one for me,” Dex said and Pearl felt relieved. Anna on the other hand seemed to really love this piece of information.

“Micky?” her mom asked him as she made a note in her planner. “What about you?”

“Same,” he said.


“Not going,” she said leaning forward to get a cookie from the plate.

“Really?” Zack asked her. “We already got you the dress for it. You’re going to look fabulous.”

“I’d rather stay home,” she said. “I can wear the dress for something else.”

“You’ll love the desserts,” Micky told her.

Tilly looked at him. “Fine,” she said. “If the desserts suck you owe me a chocolate fountain.”


Tilly narrowed her eyes for a bit then looked back at her cookie.

“So a plus one for you?” her mom asked her.

“No,” she said. “I mean I could always ask Sona or Willa to come with me. They have been prisoners for quite a while, would be fun to take them partying.”

“Good point,” Zack said. “Why don’t you take Willa; I’ll have Sona as my plus one that way they can both go.”

“You’re my plus one,” Uncle Roman said.

“Completely forgot,” Zack said leaning back in his chair and Tilly laughed.

“I can take Sona,” Dex said.

Pearl did her best not to react she just continued flipping through her magazine. It did comfort her that Anna was annoyed by this.

“You’re not going to perform?” Whitney asked looking at Tilly.

“No,” Tilly answered and she leaned forward to get another cookie.

“Why not?”

“Pretty sure everyone is over it now,” Pearl said from her magazine.

“Pearl,” her mom hissed.

Pearl shrugged and turned the page of her magazine.

“Micky,” Anna said. “Why don’t we go together since everyone else seems to have a plus one?”

“You don’t have a plus one?” Whitney asked her.

“No,” Anna said shaking her head.

Pearl watched Tilly but she didn’t react at all. She just continued eating her cookie, she couldn’t help but wonder if she actually did have feelings for him or if they really were involved.

“Uh,” Micky said looking at Anna. He glanced at Tilly then looked back at Anna, “Ok, sure.”

“Great,” Anna beamed.

“Is this really why you called us here?” Tilly asked looking at her mom. “Find out who we will bring to your fancy -”

“Tilly,” Roman said cutting her off.

“I agree with her,” Dex said. “Why did you call us here?”

“Well, you’ve been through a lot over the last couple of days. Thought we would get your minds off everything that’s been going on,” her mom said.

Tilly opened her mouth.

“Don’t,” Roman, Dex and Zack all said at the same time to her.

“Thank you,” Tilly said. “A kind gesture.”

“So there is a way to avoid your little lectures,” Pearl said looking at her.

Tilly looked at her with her acid green eyes. There was something in them however that really made Pearl uneasy.

“Pearl that’s enough,” her mom said looking at her.

“Why can’t the two of you just get along?” her dad sighed.

“She’s an outsider,” Pearl said. “I just don’t trust her the way the rest of you do. You just know her past but you don’t actually know her. Even Echo Roux said she’s dangerous and yet here you are bringing her front and center to your lives.

“She can read people for crying out loud. I’m pretty sure, by now she knows your weaknesses and strengths and knows how to manipulate us accordingly. As much as you keep comforting yourselves that if anything does go wrong, then Micky will kill her. Micky fell in love with her, and has her entire tribe under his protection. Now what’s the plan?”

“The Seers are under my protection?” Micky asked looking at Tilly.

“What?” Pearl asked looking at him. “Is this you playing dumb?”

“No,” Dex said looking at her. “Now that he’s active he doesn’t remember anything about the nature of he and Tilly. He was born and bred to hunt supernaturals. It’s the reason the first angelic hunters came down to earth to begin with.”

“Why not?” Whitney asked.

“His natural instinct trying to correct itself,” Tilly answered. “He’s stronger now. Him not remembering me or how he felt about me makes it a lot easier for him to kill me.”

Pearl couldn’t begin to imagine what she was going through. She herself couldn’t even wrap her head around the situation.

“But you saved her,” Zack said looking at Micky. “You didn’t want her to die.”

“He had just become active,” Dex said. “Before we left to save her, he’s focus was saving her. He became active during the process of saving her, he was still focused on saving her.”

“So now he’s not?” her dad asked.

He shook his head.

“Where does that leave you?” Pearl asked looking at Tilly. “I know this can’t be easy for you.”

“What do you care?” she sighed standing up. “I’m an outsider that can read you and your weaknesses which makes me dangerous. Micky is active now, he has no idea who I am just a blurry dream. Your contingency plan is still intact, you’re all safe. If I go crazy and decide to end a species, you have Micky at the ready to take me down.”

Pearl frowned.

Tilly didn’t say anything she picked up another cookie.

“Hang on,” Micky said standing up and stopping Tilly before she got a chance to leave. “I made you a promise didn’t I, that’s how the Seers are under my protection?”

“Yeah,” she nodded.

“When I asked you, you said I didn’t.”

“You wanted me to hold you to a promise you don’t remember making?” she asked him.

“Your tribe would be safe.”

“You wouldn’t,” she said stepping away from him and walking out.

“Where are you going?” Dex asked.

“I have to meet Althea,” she said.

“You shouldn’t go alone,” he said standing up.

“Sorry pretty boy,” she said looking over her shoulder. “This is a supernaturals only party. We have an active Ancient Pious running around now. Your free access pass has been revoked. Right now no one trusts me considering I lied about Willa and I was living with said active Ancient Pious. i can’t protect you anymore.”

With that she was gone.

“This feels off,” Zack said.

The others nodded in agreement.

“What did she mean by her not being able to protect you anymore?” her mom asked looking at Dex.

“I sometimes would tag along to her meetings with the Seers,” he answered. “I guess this time since it involves other supernaturals and not just her tribe. She doesn’t have the same pull.”

“That’s not it,” Micky said. Pearl then noticed he was still standing and was watching the door Tilly had left from.

“What?” Uncle Roman asked looking at him.

“Seer queens are dangerous,” he said. “Other supernaturals respect and fear them. She could have got you in just as easy. Zack is right, something is off.”

“Hold on,” Anna said. “Am I the only who’s concerned that the supernaturals are having a meeting right after Micky became active?”

“No,” Uncle Roman said. “However it makes sense that they would. Having another active Ancient Pious isn’t exactly the most comforting thing on the planet right now for them.”

“This doesn’t comfort me either,” Dex said. “The prophecy talks about Tilly wiping out an entire species. Even with Micky being fully active. I really don’t feel as though the odds are in our favor.”

“When you say our,” Whitney said looking at him. “Which species exactly are you referring to?”

Dex was quiet thinking about it.

“Well if you ask me,” Pearl said. “I think it’s the hunters that have to worry.”

“What?” they all asked at the same time looking at her.

“Well think about,” she said. “She was involved with Micky. Now Micky doesn’t remember her since he’s all angel now. She’s hurt by this, who’s to say she won’t lash out?”

“I agree with her,” Zack said.

“So do I,” Dex sighed.

“Seers don’t kill,” Micky said.

“If that’s the case why are Seer queens considered to be so dangerous?”

Dex, Micky and Roman all glanced at each other.

“It’s better if we don’t get into that,” Roman said.

“You said you agree with me,” Pearl said looking at Dex. “About Tilly going after the Hunters.”

“Yeah,” Dex nodded. “Well, she’s the reason he started to get active in the first place. Willa explained that, and like you said, she’s hurt by him not being able to remember her.”

“Hold on,” her mom said. “You said she’s going to a supernatural meeting, isn’t her uncle a supernatural?”

They all went quiet.

Micky took out his phone and started to trace her number.

“What’s your plan exactly?” Dex asked him. “Once you get a lock on her position you want to go there and then what? The whole active Ancient Pious you are.”

Micky glared at him.

“You still care about her,” Pearl said looking at him.

“I have no idea who she is,” Micky said.

“Doesn’t change how you feel,” she shrugged looking back at her magazine.

* * *

Tilly walked into the dungeon and looked around at the various supernaturals that were present. This was her first supernatural meeting as the Seer queen. She remembered going to a few when she was younger with her father when he was still alive then again with her uncle before she ran away to join the circus.

She could feel everyone’s eyes on her, she was after all the new Seer queen now that Skylar had been murdered. She knew they were all curious about who it was that had taken over. She could read all of their expressions and body language.

They were surprised with just how young she was. A fair number of them found her attractive and were attracted to her. The spirits on the other hand were angry with her for lying to their queen about Willa. A few other supernaturals were angry with her as well for lying as well.

She made eye contact with Althea. Althea was not happy with her. Tilly didn’t care.

“Your majesty,” Klaus said. He was one of the trolls who had helped with opening a portal for Echo and Sona’s escape. “Please have a seat.”

She looked around and saw Monica and Chloe were already seated. There was an open seat between the two of them so she figured that’s where the Seers used to sit. This was also going to be the first time she sat with the Seers.

When she would go with her father she sat with the castors. Her father wasn’t a seer since he was born a man, he was like his father before him, a castor. With her uncle she sat with the shadow castors. Now she was with the Seers.

She sat between her sister and raised her head and was met with his gold eyes. She hadn’t seen him in almost six years but he looked exactly the same. It’s almost as if time had no effect on him. He didn’t look away even though she was looking at him, he kept his gaze on her. Last time she had seen him was at the warehouse when they met with Micky. She thought he had died since Micky had become active and all.

She could feel her heart pounding. If he was there, then there was a very high chance her uncle would be there too. She was not at all ready to meet him. She moved her eyes away from his gold eyes and was met by green ones. Her aunt Stephanie was there. She looked to her left and sure enough he was there.

Tilly gripped her chair and was pretty sure she was getting a panic attack. His cold blue eyes were set on her. He was beyond happy to see her again after so long. He was aroused. Eating her up with his eyes.

She looked away from him and looked at Monica next to her.

“Are you ok?” Monica asked her.

“No,” she answered honestly. “My husband is here.”

Monica held her hand and she held it back. She looked back at the other supernaturals present. There were dragons, both races were present. Werewolves, fairies, vampires, castors, shadow castors, trolls, phoenixes, witches, spirits, sohn, Lors, pixies, elves, cyclops, warlocks, allures, sorcerers, wizards, sirens, even a few mermaids were there as well. There were a few other tribes as well but she couldn’t make them out and others she had forgotten what they were.

“Well,” one of the shadow castors said. She could tell from where he was sitting that he was highly ranked, there was no way he would have spoken otherwise. “She’s here, might as well get this started.”

A few eyes glanced over at Tilly but she didn’t flinch, her attention turned to the Chairman. He wasn’t an actual Chairman or anything, he just happened to run meetings when all the supernatural tribes would gather. Each year the judge would change so that each tribe got the chance to run meetings, it was their way of keeping it fair and so far it had been working.

That year it was the warlocks turn. She honestly couldn’t wait for the year to end, not that she had a problem with warlocks or anything, she just didn’t think much of them.

“Very well,” the judge said getting their attention. “As you are well aware, an Ancient Pious became active just over twenty-four hours ago.”

The dungeon went silent, and she could sense a number of people looking at her, including the judge so she had to respond.

“Sorry,” she said looking at them. “I feel like I may have missed some of the meeting that I’m now supposed to answer for.”

“Mikael,” Althea said looking at her. “The angel of death, he’s now active is he not?”

“Yes,” Tilly nodded. “He is.”

“Where does that leave us?” one of the fairies asked.

Again there were eyes on Tilly.

“On his radar obviously,” she answered. “He’s a hunter, we’re his prey.”

“Apart from the Seers though right?”

Tilly could tell right away that it was a dragon. The earth race to be exact because of the accent. The other dragon race was the air race, their accent was different and they looked different too. This particular dragon that spoke was part of the earth race. He had the same accent as Serina, Echo’s new girlfriend.

“Pardon?” Tilly asked tilting her head slightly to the side.

“Can we please stay on track?” Althea interrupted before the dragon got a chance to continue. Tilly was slightly relieved because she knew where that was going and she knew how that would turn out. However, with Althea taking control of the conversation, she would bring up how she lied about Willa and that was something else she really didn’t want to get into.

“No,” the queen of the Allure’s said shaking her head. “If the Seers are somehow protected from an Ancient Pious wrath, and active one at that, I would like to know how. I’m sure I’m not the only one who is curious.”

ALL the men in the room nodded in agreement and Althea rolled her eyes. Tilly and a few of the other females were slightly amused. Allures, had a natural effect on men. They had the power to seduce any man to do their bidding for them with just a simple flatter of their eye lashes.

“Well naturally you would all agree,” one of the female Phoenixes said rolling her eyes.

“I’m with Sasha,” a female werewolf agreed. “How are the Seers not affected by Mikael becoming active?”

“He’s their king,” the dragon from earlier said.

The whole room went quiet.

Tilly wanted nothing more than for the ground to swallow her up. She started to wonder if maybe her powers would be able to do something like that. She looked at a spot in front of her and started to concentrate on opening that particular spot on the -

“Tilly, is this true?” she knew that voice. She hadn’t heard it in six years but she knew his voice very well. She raised her head and was met with his blue eyes.

“It’s complicated,” she answered.

“I’m sorry,” a vampire said tilting his head to the side. “This isn’t Facebook. How is you having a relationship with your sworn enemy anything but complicated.”

“That’s more Romeo and Juliet actually,” Tilly said looking at him. She paused, “Hmm, maybe I shouldn’t be so excited about that comparison. It ended in death and was rather gloomy really. That entire play made love seem miserable.”

“Oh you stupid child,” her aunt Stephanie hissed. “Are you doing this to spite me?”

Tilly did a double take.

“I’m confused,” Althea said. “Is that why you wanted the spell, to get out of your marriage, so you could be with Mikael?”

“What?” Tilly asked looking at her. “No.”

The tension in the air started to build.

“You made him your king?” he asked looking at her. Not that he had looked away. “You picked him? Why would you do that to your sisters?”

It wasn’t long before every one howling questions at her and demanding an explanation for her actions.

“QUIET!” Klaus cried getting everyone’s attention.


“Thank you,” he said. “Now if everyone could please settle down, let’s give the Queen of the Seers a chance to defend herself.”

There was mumbling.

Tilly stood up and looked around at everyone in the room.

“Thank you,” she bowed slightly at Klaus.

“You don’t have to stand your majesty,” he said politely to her.

“I do,” she said. “I want to make sure all the tribes hear exactly what it is I have to say.”

He nodded. “Very well.”

“I can tell from your body language and the looks on your faces that most of you aren’t keen on my actions,” she said walking to the isle that would lead to the center of the dungeon. “I can also tell, that every single one of you here feels I’ve betrayed you all. Betrayed us all as a supernatural family by picking Mikael as my mate.”

A few of them mumbled.

“My age doesn’t help matters either. I’m young, I don’t know what I’m doing, I’m going to get us all killed, or something like that,” she went on. “You’re right, I am young, but I do know what I’m doing. I’m simply following the example every single one of you in here has set for me.”

“What in Terro’s name are you going on about?” one of the pixies asked. They were feisty little things, it both amused and annoyed Tilly how much sass they had. In that particular moment she was amused.

“Every single one of you in this room has betrayed my sisters and I,” Tilly said simply.

“Careful there,” the werewolf Alfa said. “You’re reaching.”

“Am I?” she asked. “My sisters were being hunted and killed, I don’t remember any of you coming in to help. You all turned a blind eye and acted like we weren’t suffering. You attended our funerals with cheap flowers and wished us well but none of you offered to help.”

She turned to Althea. “I came to you for help,” she said. “You lied right to my face. From one queen to another, you chose to disrespect me, that was your chance to make peace with me. You lied right to my face.”

“So you kidnapped my sister?” Althea asked her. “That was your response.”

“You knew why I was there,” Tilly said looking at her. “I was there about the Prophecy. The very reason Skylar and the others were killed off.”

“Your sisters and Skylar being killed off, was because of betrayal in your camp,” one of the dragons said. Tilly looked over and was surprised it was a dragon from the air race. She didn’t know anyone from that race, she looked over at her sisters for a second and found what she was looking for then looked back to the dragon that had spoken out.

“You’re right,” she said. “One of my own betrayed us. I took care of that, as I am taking care of everyone else that has crossed my sisters and I.”

“So you picking a hunter as your mate,” one of the mermaids started. “Is that your way of getting even with us?”

Tilly shook her head. “No.”

“Really?” Althea asked. “Last I checked you were hunting for a spell to get out of your marriage.”

There was mumbling.

“I’ve been married for almost nine years,” Tilly said.

The whole room went silent. She could see a number of them felt guilty.

“Like I said, all of you here have betrayed my sisters and I. The evil irony is my enemy has done everything in his power to protect my sisters and I, even risked his own life. I couldn’t help but fall for him. My kin on the other hand, have all betrayed me one way or another. Either from the way the lies they’ve told me, the help they never showed me.” she paused for a second then looked directly at Alaric. “Or from the way you raped me.”

“So is that what this is?” one of the earth dragons asked. “Revenge?”

“No,” she said. “I simply want out of my marriage and to get on with my life.”

“What about Mikael?” Sasha asked. “He is active.”

“I really don’t know what you want me to do there,” Tilly said.

“That’s hardly true,” Althea said. “You’re a Seer queen.”

Tilly looked her over. “I haven’t been a queen for that long.”

“You can do it though,” Sasha said. “You’ve done it before.”

Tilly tilted her head to one side and narrowed her eyes. She looked around at everyone and it was clear it was something they had all been thinking about. If anything, they expected her to do it.

“He’s an Ancient,” Tilly said. “Those of you that know him know how powerful he is,” she said looking at Sabian. “It would kill me.”

“Are you sure that’s what would kill you?” Althea asked her. “Not that he’s your king?”

“That almost sounds like you want me to explain myself to you,” Tilly said putting her hands on her hips. “He’s an Ancient and he’s an active one. What you’re expecting me to do, it would kill me and I don’t even know if it would be successful. Just to be clear, none of you in this room are worth dying over.”

“What about your sisters?” Althea asked her. “They aren’t worth dying over?”

Tilly smirked. “They are under his protection remember?”

* * *

Dex leaned back on his bean bag and tried to continue reading but his mind was distracted. For starters, Micky was bothering him. He seemed like the same person as before but the dynamic between him and Tilly had really changed.

She was really hurt that he didn’t remember her and he could understand why. Micky on the other hand hardly seemed phased by any of it. Last he checked, he had arranged to retake his vows as a way to get him to stop thinking about Tilly.

That made the situation very dangerous. Tilly may have been young but she was incredibly powerful and being a Seer Queen . . . He hoped for Micky’s sake the two somehow worked something out or there would be a war for sure.

Another thing that was on his mind was mother Nancy. She had called earlier asking his for dinner. He had a great relationship with his mother but there was something about the timing of the phone call that just didn’t sit right with him -

“Dex,” Micky said getting his attention.

Dex raised his eyes and was met with his cold grey eyes. He had forgotten that Micky was in the room with him. The two of them were both reading up on what they could about Seers. It was documents Micky had stolen from the Vatican from the last time he was there.

“Sorry,” Dex said. “I zoned off.”
 “Yeah I saw that.”

“Did you ask me something?”

“I’m going to make coffee; do you want any?”

Dex looked at his watch and saw it was just after two in the morning.

“I’ll just come with you,” he said putting the scroll down and getting up. He could feel the blood circulation back to his legs and although he was happy the circulation was back, it sort of hurt.

“Did you find anything?” Micky asked also getting up and the two of them left the library.

“Been distracted to be honest,” he said rubbing his eyes. “My mom called me earlier, wants us to have dinner.”

“You usually go on dates though,” he said. “How did that distract you?”

“Something about the timing just seems off,” he said.

“Sure you’re not just overthinking it?” he asked as they entered the hallway. “A lot has happened over the last couple of days, this could possibly the one normal thing to happen.”

“I guess so,” he sighed. “I just still feel as though something is off.”

They heard Roman laughing in the kitchen.

The two of them paused and looked at each and walked into the kitchen to see what was going on. They both paused when they found Roman and Tilly in the kitchen. Tilly was sitting on the counter eating what looked like left over dinner. Roman on the other hand had a glass of water.

“Hey boys,” Roman said looking at the two of them. “Didn’t know you were awake.”

“Coffee break,” Dex said. “What are you two up to?”

“Wanted a glass of water,” Roman said. “Tilly found me saying she’s hungry.”

“You’re still staying here?” Micky asked looking at Tilly.

Tilly raised her one eye brow.

“Sorry,” he said. “That came out so wrong. I just, I didn’t see you at dinner, I thought you were staying with one of your sisters or something.”

Tilly tapped her nose then pointed at Micky. “Hint received,” she said then looked back at her food and poked around at it with her fork.

“I should head back to bed,” Roman said getting up. It was obvious he didn’t want to be in the room at the time with the tension that was building up. “I’ll see you all in the office tomorrow.”

“You don’t wanna join us for coffee?” Dex asked him.

He raised his glass of water. “I’m good thanks. Have a goodnight, if you sleep.”

“Goodnight,” Tilly said to him.

“What are you doing up anyway?” Dex asked looking at Tilly, while Micky filled up the kettle with water.

“Couldn’t sleep,” she answered watching Roman leave the kitchen. “Also I got hungry so I decided to eat.”

“How did the meeting go?”

“Tense,” she answered.

“Was . . .” he paused for a bit, he wasn’t sure how to ask her or if at all he should ask her. “Your uncle there?”

“Yes he was,” she said. “So was Sabian.”

“Why does that name sound familiar?” Micky asked.

“He’s the Shadow Castor that started the fire at the circus,” Dex answered him.

“Correct,” Tilly said.

“You know him?” Micky asked looking at her.

She nodded. “He’s kinda like the you to Alaric’s Roman.”

“Alaric being your uncle?” he asked her.

Tilly tilted her head slightly to one side and looked him over. She was reading him; he couldn’t help but wonder if she had figured out how to read him now that he was active.

“Yes,” she answered still with her head slightly tilted looking him over.

“Did the meeting go well?” Dex asked her.

“Depends who’s side you’re on,” she said.

Dex and Micky both looked at her.

“What?” she asked looking at the two of them. “Everyone knows who I am. Micky is active, everyone is anxious.”

“So no plan has been put into place?” Micky asked.

“You tell me,” she said.

“What?” they said at the same time.

“My life was pretty straight before you and Roman walked into it,” she said. “Performed with the circus, made decent money, had a family now I’m in a house with people who want to kill me because I somehow end an entire species.”

“Hold on,” Dex frowned. “It almost sounds like you’re blaming us for the prophecy that was made without us.”

“That may be but you’re still involved.”

“Yeah, coz the prophecy said, Middleton Cross, Dexter Hawthorne and Mikael Sikora will end and entire species together,” Micky said.

“It might as well have,” she said.

“What exactly are you getting at?” Dex asked getting irritated.

“Well for starters, I know who kidnapped me after the Seer meeting,” she said.

“Who?” they asked at the same time.

“Valarie Walker,” she answered with such ease.

“What?” Micky asked. For some reason, Dex couldn’t tell if he was stunned or not. He barely reacted much before but now that he was active he didn’t seem to react at all.

“Your mother is the one who kidnapped me and made sure I was nice and weak,” she said. “She knew it would activate you, she was clearly right but still, I’m sure there was another way she could have done it without interfering with my life like that.”

Micky was speechless.

“She’s in Italy,” Dex said.

“Actually no,” Micky said. “She told me she’s in town yesterday, we were supposed to get coffee.”

Dex narrowed his eye brows then looked at Tilly and found her acid green were set on him.

“Your father went out of his way to make sure Willa made the prophecy about me,” she said looking him directly in the eyes.

Dex froze.

She snorted and shook her head. “I guess you didn’t know.”

“No I didn’t,” Dex said. “I haven’t seen my father since I was six years old.”

Tilly didn’t say anything. She just looked him over which was something she did was reading people. He couldn’t help but wonder what exactly she was reading about him, it made him nervous. Her ability to read people was so accurate you would think she could read minds or something.

“How do you know this?” Micky asked her.

She raised her finger and they both saw it. It was the Taina Shackle Micky had given her as a way to save Echo from being held captive. Now that Dex was looking at it, he remembered she hadn’t taken it off since she had put it on but for some reason he never got curious about it or asked questions as to why she still had it on even though Echo and her daughter Sona were both safely back.

“You shackled her to you?” Dex asked her.

“I needed answers,” she said easily. “I got them.”


“She’d been working for your father,” she explained. “She said, he would help her get Sona back if she helped him out here and there. She knew my parents, that obviously would make me trust me her, however she didn’t know I can read people and she forgot the most important thing about me.”

“Which is?”

“I’m a Seer queen,” she said. “Seer Queens are dangerous.”

* * * * To Be Continued * * * * *