Announcing Luna’s Newest Hire: Andrew Erlanger

Luna 🌙
Luna 🌙
Feb 15, 2019 · 2 min read
Andrew, Martin, and Kai (clockwise from left) at Le Wagon

Andrew Erlanger is our newest hire and has recently joined the Luna team as a software engineer. He recently graduated a coding boot camp at Le Wagon, Berlin after deciding it was time for a career change. Prior to joining Luna, he helped found Common Goal, a global movement encouraging football players and coaches to dedicate 1% of their salaries to charity. He has a Masters in Psychology and Education from Cambridge, as well as a Masters in New Media and Digital Culture from Utrecht University. Despite living and studying around the world, including the Netherlands, the UK, Ecuador, and Germany, he originally hails from sunny Melbourne, Australia. His diverse academic and professional background have already proven to be an incredible asset in the startup workplace here at Luna. We’ve asked him a few quick questions about himself below.

What have you been working on so far at Luna?

So far I’ve worked with the rest of the Berlin-based development team on building the backend for our new product, and spent the little spare time I have ironing my shirts for needlessly formal Thursdays in the office.

How do you feel technology can be used to affect human connection?

I still think human interaction is at its best when it takes place offline. Technology can’t replace that (at least not yet), but it can play an important role in facilitating cool in-person experiences. This is what I’m hoping we can achieve at Luna — using technology to bring about more positive exchanges in life away from the screen.

What other blockchain projects are you enthusiastic about?

Celo seems to have set out on a fairly ambitious path — using blockchain technology to (try to) connect people globally and bring financial stability to those who need it most. I’ll be watching that space with interest for the next little while.

What are you excited about right now?

For it to not be winter in Berlin.

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