The Exponea Effect, I got hooked!

Luna Shirley
Oct 5, 2017 · 4 min read

This is a new hire story. The review of my journey into Exponea and how I got immediately hooked by a company whose positive rumors are actually in line with the reality.

My interview was a few months ago but hey, it’s still quite vivid in my memory and I’m no interview virgin.

As things in my line of work tend to happen, after some time I’ve optimized, automatized, grew what I could so I was no longer needed full time. Oh well, as Japanese say しょうがない (shouganai) which means “can’t do anything about it.”

I’m an eclectic mixture of marketing, business intelligence, and some scripting knowledge, but I guess that tends to happen to performance marketers who love their work just a teeny-tiny bit too much.

Job hunt was upon me, but this time I was looking for a place where I could build my career.

So my list looked like this:

  1. Startup after seed
  2. Actually great product or service
  3. International presence
  4. Awesome people to be inspired by and to inspire
  5. Highly developed data culture

Yea.. not a lot of companies actually fulfilled my criteria but my top pick was Exponea.

I’ve literally jumped (okay, figuratively, but imagining it as literally is funnier) on LinkedIn and tried to confirm that Exponea would be a stellar fit.

My point of contact was Veronika to whom I’ve written a message about wanting to find the best fit possible and before applying I would like to meet her. She agreed and we met for a lunch.

Now my meeting with Veronika was a bit freaky (I tend to take online rumors with a pinch of salt) since it confirmed what I’ve read about Exponea and every question I’ve had was met with an answer fitting my ideal workplace and Veronika was a very genuine person and by end of the lunch I’ve formally handed her my CV, applying for a job.

Oh, one crucial thing that Veronika said almost slipped my mind. As she was telling me about Exponea, she said that one of Exponea’s values is to support an entrepreneurship spirit and as someone with a myriad of ideas, I’ve felt that in case I would start a great project (tremble Facebook!), they wouldn’t stand in my way, but on the contrary, support it.

As you can probably imagine what followed was a series of meetings and calls with people from Exponea and quite detailed test which more than anything evaluated my way of thinking, approaching data and figuring out solutions.

What surprised me was that even though interview process had numerous phases it was fast and took just a little over 2 weeks.

Day E is near!

I should be based in Prague, but we’ve decided that it will be faster to get me up to speed if I will be in the largest Exponea’s office which is located in Bratislava and since Exponea got me a place to stay, it was a no-brainer.

The day E was upon me, I was shown the office (again) and I was lead to my table surrounded by a few boxes which contained the hardware that the company procured for me, so an internal yay followed.

What followed was a Monday Delivery meeting where I got the chance to introduce myself and I was assigned my buddy, or as I like to call him “the honored elder”, Miro. Buddy is someone who helps you get on your feet and basically your assigned best friend :P.

The first day was probably as you would imagine — a lot of new faces, forgotten names, intro meetings and a rather awkward introduction in front of everyone in the office and online, no biggie (ehm) — oh and fine burritos to end the day!

Random fact — we have daily lunch catering (Mwahahah, I may actually gain some weight).

And so it begins — that’s how I would call the next day and probably the every day in the nearest future. I was integrated into a team and my job is to help them with real-life tasks and to generate value for our clients from day two.

So far it has been a ride. Absolutely thrilling ride, but to be frank, I tend to get excited when I feel that something fits exactly like a slipper.

I’m very curious about how the first month will be, but in any case, I’ll write a few lines about it as well.

If you have any questions about Exponea and my onboarding experience, just ask. I’ll be absolutely honest with you, but yes. I may be in so-called honeymoon period :P.

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