What Exponea taught me about growing a business

Luna Shirley
Mar 16, 2018 · 2 min read

Being a part of a hyper-growing company such as Exponea taught me a great deal about growing a business and I still have so much to learn.

Since I would love to share what I have learned, here are a few short, yet deeply impactful lessons, which I have learned so far at Exponea.

One day, when I will launch a company of my own, I will look back and apply them. #ExponeaMafia

  1. Focus on impact first, perfection comes after you solve what’s truly needed.
  2. Don’t oversell your capabilities, but overdeliver the actual performance and level of service you provide.
  3. Measure the right TOP level KPI and net retention is a great example of that.
  4. Aim to increase your MRR, it’s much more valuable than one-off sales.
  5. Aim for network or ripple effect in everything you do, by adding a new feature or acquiring a new client, make sure it also benefits the greater whole.
  6. Nurture similar values in your employees, when they’ll stay with you, it provides them with a brilliant compass to base their decisions upon and when they’ll leave you to start their own business, you will still share a common thread.
  7. Become antifragile, don’t only survive the hard times, but learn from them and became better than ever before.
  8. Being adept at everything, master of none, won’t get you amongst unicorns. First turn into a market leader in your niche, no matter how small, and then branch out!

I’m pretty sure that I will learn a lot more lessons in the upcoming months, all I can now say is that I still learn something new every week, if not every day. For me, Exponea can sometimes act as a top-notch business university alongside a highly challenging job.

If you would like to become Exponean yourself, we are always hiring stellar talents!

Luna Shirley

Written by

Empowering businesses with automation and AI at Exponea.

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