Luna & Co. Jewellery Design Haus

Luna and Co. provides quality craftsmanship and finishing to every piece of jewellery that it crafts. Specializing in luxury jewellery including engagement rings, gold rings, pendants, earrings and diamond rings. If you want your loved one to know how you really feel, visit Luna and Co. to find the perfect piece of jewellery collection in Vaughan. Whether you are celebrating a special occasion or just want to let your loved ones know how special they are, Luna and Co. has the perfect piece for you.

Luna and CO has a great collection of mens jewellery and high fashion complete sets. All our diamonds are GIA Certified and comes with a certificate with all the details such as weight, polish, carat and symmetry. Luna and Co to provide the highest quality in Vaughan Jewellery so when you resell you diamond, you get the highest value out of it.

Hours of Operation
Monday — Friday
12pm — 6pm
9100 Jane Street, Concord, ON.

Contact Info
Phone: 905–597–8922

for more information please visit

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