Moon Land: The Perfect Holiday Gift

Looking for a last-minute gift? Give your friends and family a virtual piece of the moon!

Looking for a way to share your enthusiasm for the blockchain with your friends and family this holiday season? Can’t afford a CryptoKitty? As of today, you can now claim a piece of the “virtual moon” and send it as a gift on Lunar.

Ready? Here’s how:

1. Claim a moon sector

  • Visit Lunar with a web3-enabled browser or Metamask installed
  • Select a moon plot or purchase one from someone else. Read more here.
  • Click “Create a Gift Link” and add a fun message

2. Share your Gift Page

You’ll get a shareable page like this that you can send to your friends!

Once you click on Go to Gift Page, you can copy the URL in the address bar and email it to your friends!

3. Share on Twitter

Now when you purchase a moon plot or receive one as a gift, you can also share the news with your friends by clicking on Share on Twitter!

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