by Silver Türk

Michał looked back at the hangar. Despite the high contrast of light and shadow, the inflatable hangar seemed not that different from the sports hangar in his home city, Hamburg, where he used to train in the winter. He looked at the horizon — there was the landing site with six spaceships that just arrived with the people ready to move in. …

Gloomy November

It all began in the fall of 2017, near Tallinn old town. We gathered with seven friends on one nondescript evening. But unlike the usual beers and pretzels in a local hip pub, we gathered in Martin’s office. The agenda for the evening was to pitch project ideas to each other.

A lot of us are working in the IT sector, so there were quite a lot of clever IT solutions being pitched. From simple mobile games to large platforms with market building potential. It was Kaido, who proposed a simple non-IT project: “let’s create a portable card game together”. …


Stations are the heart of the game. This is where the magic happens. This is where you celebrate your victories. And heal your wounds. Each station has its own story and its own place in the history of Lunar colonization.

Terran Outpost

Terran Outpost


You begin the game with a Terran Outpost in the beginning of the game. It is flippable. One may always take a look at the other side. The other side of the Station card has abilities that increase proclivity to win by means of a particular strategy or strategies.

A Terran Station represents a base that is under the supremacy of administration on the homeworld, Earth, while the flipped station represents a station with mostly local rule that allows more liberty and actions more in line with the station’s “hidden agenda”. …

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