Life is meant to be lived, and lived loudly. I’m a dreamer, and I stand by every dream. You don’t have to be scared if you’re the same way. You don’t have to hide from it, if you want to do big scary things, or you want to do more than one thing.
Shout your dreams to the world.
Jon Westenberg 🌈

Gosh your courage and confidence is so beautiful it makes me jump out of my skin. Thank you for sharing so much on here. I completely agree with you about the kindness of humanity — it truly is everywhere. That’s why I find sites like Kickstarter to be so brilliant. People can choose where to put their money. To choose to put money towards projects that (most likely) need the crowd funding to get going. I am one of these people who have had doubt about my “dream that is too far big” but dare not to let go of. Reading this article brings me so much more courage. I don’t know you and I may never meet you in person, but I just want to give you a heartfelt-astral-bearhug. Thank you.

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