To my dearest and purest love,

We are the gardeners of our love. From seed to fruit, I watch you blossom from adorable to extraordinary. I know you from the past, eons ago. Once again we walk side by side, filled with love, with hope, with memories.

I know that since this journey of motherhood began… when you were growing in my body – We spoke, reacquainting ourselves again. Presently, in this life, you are only two months into joining us in the physical realm, and already you’ve been teaching me so much. Patience. Letting go. Compassion. Love. Courage. Creativity. Trust. Humility. Selflessness.

I never thought I could get pregnant but sure enough, Spirit surprised us with a precious gift. I’m so blessed and honoured that you’ve chosen us to be your guardians. Thank you for entrusting us with your life while you explore and run free. Thank you for allowing us to guide you to this journey of life.

I love you.

Your mama

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