Latest reminder: 1) Stop

2) Sympathise with others silently

And 3) try to catch your breath

4) Defying logic

Logically run away

From your problems

You have a map

You don’t have eyes

They say they like you

Well, they lie

You’re tired

You’re exhausted

You’re a piece of art

Of artful shit, I mean

Oh, pardon me, for I don’t try to be obscene

You try too hard

For them to care

And not enough

For them to be aware

Of all the trying going on

And all the carrying the weight

The metaphorical, of course

The one that’s just invisible enough

For nobody to notice

But just enough for you to hunch your back

Although your mother

She does not approve of that

Sit up, you are a lady

A lady of distress

A lady of the useless,

Pathetically dressed

Where is my wig, my make up

Doesn’t really fit my diamond shoes

My mother does approve of them

If I am not mistaken or obtuse

Another matter for debate

This latest trend of self-reproach

And hate, yes quite a lot of that

Goes on my plate

A side dish of embarrassment

In public, better yet, in front of

Someone I want to impress

These golden earrings

Don’t quite fit my silver dress

Back to the topic:

5) Isolate yourself from

Everyone you love

Because that way nobody

Isolates themselves from you

This logic should just be enough

For everyone to be alone (like you?)

And each sit on their golden throne

And cry —

The perfect way of life

But being happy…

Takes much more than to survive

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