Dresses meticulously hang on the roof

my mother would never have

captured the truth

O what of the world

have you ever seen

without anyone

to love your cuisine

O what of the life

that you never lived

say, do you regret it

she smiles

like the raindrops that fell on her skin

she is beautiful

she is the world’s living dream

she laughs

like the sun rays that dance in her hair

she is divine

she’s the wind in the air

there is nothing she says

that can possibly die

she’s so graceful

it makes you believe she can fly

tell me, mother, is that

an own way that you chose

she would smile and her cheeks

would be covered in rose

Alone on the street


no strangers to meet

and no home

but this path

I have chosen for me

to be only the things

that I want to be

and the I is in capital

yes, no, that’s right

in the twenty first century

you have only one right

to be only the way that

is fine to be headed

if they found out

I asked for advice….

I don’t want to be dead

She woke up this morning

and swiftly took off

with a smile of goodbye

she took off

And I say

“Mother, do you know who you are?”

she undressed

and I saw all her old ugly scars

life is never the way

you want it to go

neither is it a ride

nor is it a show

while you stumble and hope

you don’t lose your head

there is me

and inside

I’m as good as


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