Manual and Bot-Assisted Fund

Here’s how it works:

1.) 100% Binance. BTC Based Fund.

All clients will have access to a viewing dashboard. Shown below is an example of our trial fund which we started last Oct 7,2018 (We’ve been testing out several ways to capture huge runs while preserving…

We continue on with our saga about making money in Pump n Dump coins way before it gets pumped. For those who want to know our track records and signals, you can freely come to our telegram group .(

Golem has lost 80% of its satoshi value since topping last June from a high of 9000, it had a low of 1838 and has so far made a convincing bottoming out phase and a good breakout to the upside confirming a potential reversal play.

First Test pump — Breakout with Volume

First of all when people say a big pump signal is coming and they’re telling you that they’d give you free money, there isn’t. When they tell you to buy, they’ve already gotten it way ahead of you and you’re the one being sold into. Therefore, the moment they tell…

Let’s call this the Mooncake Festival Rally :) Very apt for us to go to the moon!

My view is that we had an epic low that got retested.

The first panic happened on August 13,2018.

We want to buy cryptos that others also want to own. We want names where someone else has a burning desire to own it and is willing to bid up the price in order to obtain a huge volume position. This is a time when we do not want to…

A bear market termination is usually characterized by a very heavy volume washout which takes all the moving averages down so sharply as to penetrate the bottom of the descending channel. This climactic action is usually a complete capitulation. Everything is knocked down, the good ones and the bad ones…

Every choice has an embedded opportunity cost and it’s never been more quantifiable than taking a look at what you could have done, what you’d do differently in the future based on the past. …

Lunati Qrypto

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