Wholeheartedly agree that humans need work!
Jim Adcock

I simply disagree. Each of us is responsible for our own destiny. That includes our station, our choice of spouses, our decision to complete school or to fail. it is not the ‘government’s responsibility to make sure the playing field is fair, because in making the field fair some suffer and some win.

Taxes on products are paid for by the purchaser. You can’t tax goods, you can’t tax corporations, simply because those goods and companies pass the tax to the individual. People pay taxes. Corporations are just tax collectors, they collect taxes from their clients (purchasers) and add it to the purchase price.

Second, in order to avoid taxes corporations move their operations to more favorable states. Google, Apple are prime examples but all multinationals shift income to avoid taxes meaning keeping the price as low as possible and still enjoy the best margins.

You write “ so they need to be taxed enough so that a basic income can be established to allow people to meet their basic needs,” No it doesn’t invalidate the need, it stifles it.

The premise of redistribution of wealth through taxes and dole is not a redistribution of wealth. It is the dole. In the 50’s when the service members returned into an environment that desperately needed retooling wealth was redistributed and a robust economy was built — like no other before — and now the economy stagnates.

That redistribution was halted in 1986 when taxes on investments was changed. At that point graduated investment tax credit was repealed. Corporations no longer were rewarded for 5 year plans because investors wanted instant gratification. Why? because they got taxed on the value regardless of the time they invested.

If you want to build a strong long term economic base — give people a reason to invest — long term — rather than see the stock market as a craps game. When corporate leaders are held accountable for long term constant growth and return they will bring jobs back and cooperate in a wave of rehabilitation of the economy.

I simply do not think that basic income is the way to build a strong economy, though I do agree that technology has and will continue to foster a tsunami of economic change.

Fix the problem!! That is give corporations and investors in those corporations a reason to invest in building a future of employment and technology not just automation. Don’t reward the losers with basic income and allow the inequity and injustice to grow.

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