RE Basic Income:
Jim Adcock

You wrote.

“Tax the profits generated by the robotic labor and distribute the tax as a basic income to humans, allowing humans to consume the goods and services, providing profits to the robotic workforce owners, and keeping the robots employed and creating goods and services that can be taxed so that humans can be given the dollars to consume the goods and services.”

The problem with your recommended approach is it works on paper, but further devalues people as humans. There is pride in labor, a sense of accomplishment that is important to a healthy psyche. As we have seen in the blue collar America where there is a loss of jobs, a disturbing loss of income, a loss of pride, those are replaced by drugs.

You would see the majority of Americans on the dole and the rest of America working for the DEA?

There is nothing wrong with Gig work, it dates back to before the Dark Ages. I grow grain, you mash it, someone else bakes it and I eat it. These were cottage industries, and will be resurrected, unless the government regulates them to make it impossible to run a gig.

Though I agree with your premise on the oligarchy of tech/industry, the consolidation of wealth, your conclusion of Guaranteed Income is a fuse to chaos, revolution, and slow painful slide into despotic government. When we can’t feed our families, and are dependent on a dole where the dollars are worth less and less and some book regulates the limits what my doctor can do because he is on the dole also, the problems we see today will seem insignificant.

Don’t tax and distribute, tax and build: better roads, a better education system, community projects like utilities that benefit everyone but also employ folks.

And let’s not forget war has always been a good economic solution to improve employment and get the economy under control. The bigger the better, reconstruction has great social and economic value.

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