Our redesign of Medium’s Claps…and why they may not have chosen to do it this way.
Jason Li

“… to give readers a more satisfying way to give feedback to writers.”
“Just like in real life, the longer we applaud, the more appreciation we are showing.”
“Medium introduced applauding as a non-boolean way to show reaction.”

Well known and got used, simple “Like” was more intuitive for me - I either LIKE article or NOT, that is it (yes, I’m Boolean thinker). U know, when whole web community talks about User * Experience, why then for some * reason all forget about UX when new release of product rolled out to prod like these claps? Maybe UX is a lie? And all what really matters, it’s money and new crazy features, because some guys were bored by clicking single Like?

Nevertheless, I’m kinda agree with Keith Istré in comment thread earlier regarding preferring the article.

“Taking back an applaud is also an uncommon occurrence.”

My first thought, when I saw “Claps”: “OMG, they changed Likes to Claps, and now people will clap, and system will treat it as Like. Enormous increase in trends, money, etc.”. But then I thought — there should be smart workaround or covert or restrict way. And looks like this article, really shed the light for me. Tnx.

But I also have to say, my feeling when I use Medium from iPhone. I scroll page by finger, by right hand finger. And clap icon is just under the finger. Sometimes, I accidentally touch “Clap area”, which, guess what, triggers “clap event” and REST/GraphQL/whatever call (kinda redundant call and small perf. issue). When clap icon is positioned fixed on page, I think it’s bad UX pattern. I get used to that way, when Like/Clap is at the end of article/page. Which does some sense to me — when I finished reading, I then decide like or not, to clap or not, to clap 1 or crazy 100 times?

Anyway, if any slider-like idea will become reality, I’m fine. But it will one more time resemble the cruel life — trends drives development, marketing drives development, and all for money and “show”, not for usability and simplicity.

PS aka side Note:
Considering, that “Recommend/Save article” or aka “Bookmark article” UI control/element is placed near Like/Claps UI elements, it’s not intuitive for me, why “Bookmarks” menu item is placed in main menu, and “Claps, Highlights, Responses” on Profile section as right aligned the-same-level items. I would personally put “Bookmarks” near “Claps”, because it’s the same * UX — user get used to his * experience, right? :)

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