Rebooting the Medium Identity
Maria Gonzalez

When I first saw Android icon of Medium Android app (I was installing on LG phone, when I already had on iPhone) — I thought, OMG, someone hacked Medium — they now become some 90’s HTML4/CSS2-style/designed. But checked icon after update on iPhone, and I felt bad. For some reason, Medium really decided to go into 90's.

I’m kinda agree with opinion Stephen Moore in “Medium’s new logo is punctilious” article — I also miss the old heart-beating-like Medium green initial loading splash. Because now, when I see that undefined for me picture, I count: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5… and if Medium not loaded, I close app, and continue to live my life.

I personally like green color, so u may treat my point of view as “prejudging” or “opinionated”. As a note here: I started actively reading Medium in late 2016, so I may not be in touch with old design as many of people here. And it might look like “Love from the first look” — I saw green design first, fell in love, and now what? “Divorce”? No way…

  • Agree with David Rose about “why?”
  • Agree with Jonny regarding “now logo is boring”
  • Agree with Katya Kovalenko regarding “back to green version”.

#btw Medium, Maria Gonzalez, here is my extended comment regarding Claps and Bookmarks and why I think #UX matters.

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