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One-up your coding skills and industry know-how using these free tools, courses, and articles.

As an independent developer, I spend a lot of time teaching myself new concepts. Luckily, the internet is full of free educational resources to help web professionals improve their craft. This is my attempt to consolidate the best ones in a single location.

A List Apart

Format: Article
Focus: Front-end
Skill Level: All

With the abstractions that modern front-end frameworks provide, it’s easy to dismiss plain old HTML as a thing of the past — a mere starting point that necessarily leads to “bigger and better” options. …

In 2019 I wrote an article about how Google Analytics is problematic due to its privacy problems and immense size, and encouraged developers to use an alternative for tracking website or app usage. Plenty of privacy-minded developers have noticed that Google Analytics requires over 40KB of JavaScript and gathers much…

Stuck inside? Here are sixteen (free) steps to get started in web development.

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This is the roadmap I wish I had when I first started coding: a sequential list of free, quality resources designed to help beginners get started in front-end web development. There are tons of great free resources out there, but it’s hard to know where to start, what to learn…

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The last couple of years have not been pretty for the tech industry. …

Alternative frameworks that utilize the developer-friendly patterns of React without breaking the bank.

React is the developer’s equivalent of Avocado Toast. It’s great, but it’s expensive and has a lot of unnecessary toppings. React rewrites a lot of native browser functionality with features like the Virtual DOM and synthetic browser events. This practice negatively impacts SEO, progressive enhancement and initial load time. …

If you prioritize accessibility, usability, and privacy in front-end development, then Google Analytics is not your friend.

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Have you ever noticed how much JavaScript gets loaded on big news sites? As of this writing, Wired’s website loads over 3MB of JavaScript files alone, making it almost unusable for anyone with a slow internet connection. Tracking scripts provided by Google, Facebook, and their friends are responsible for a…

Blake Lundquist

Front-end Developer, Educator, Accessibility Enthusiast, Inhabitant of Stockholm.

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